The Daily Show on the sacrifices being asked of Teachers and Wall Street.

Ever since the last election the Republicans that have come to power seem to be hell-bent on doing everything they can to undermine the middle class while protecting those for whom the phrase “well off” doesn’t begin to describe how rich they are. If you were to believe the news items coming out of FOX News you’d think that Public School Teachers are spoiled fat cats who earn way more than they should while the uber-rich are struggling to make ends meet what with all the taxes they have to pay.

A point driven home by this segment from a recent episode of The Daily Show:

When you see these segments played side-by-side like this the blatant hypocrisy of FOX News and the Republicans stands out in stark relief. The fact that so many less-than-well-off Republicans buy into this bullshit is the part that truly amazes me.

4 thoughts on “The Daily Show on the sacrifices being asked of Teachers and Wall Street.

  1. It is amazing, and sad and frustrating. And some of these people don’t vote with dens because they don’t want to be “used”. Sigh…

  2. Wow, that woman has no idea what she is talking about. In fact, none of the people on FOX know what they’re talking about. “$250,000 a year can’t support a family of four kids.”
    Really? My family operates on a $40,000 a year salary, the government takes half of that away in taxes, and we’re supporting six people. If I may be allowed to swear here, FOX, sit the f*** down and shut the f*** up.

  3. Once upon a time, a friend of mine and his wife were d.i.n.k.s. Dual Income, No Kids. Good jobs and plenty of cash.

    Then his wife was laid off in a downsizing. She enlisted in a Temp Agency and kept working.

    A month or so later, a few of us were discussing finances and hard times. My friend nodded enthusiastically. “Tell me about it! This Temp Agency stuff is a joke. All my wife brings home now is $12.00 per hour! It’s insane. Who can live on that money?” (reminder: he still has his good job. This is the second income)

    Well, I put up my hand. “As a matter of fact, I make $12 an hour.” Another guy shrugged “I guess I’m the fat cat pulling in $13 per.”

    To his credit, my friend was appropriately embarrassed, chagrined and amazed.

  4. Can’t see the videos in the UK. However, a comment about GOP voters.

    Because of ‘the incident’ one hobby site I belong to set up a Religeon and Politics board seperate to the site. As most members are US wargamers/ex military it tends to be inhabited by the ‘Obama is a Socialist’ crowd, the kind who fully support Walker.

    They remind me of domestic violence victims – the kind who stay with their abuser. “Yes I know they have given billions of dollars in tax breaks to the people who moved my job overseas, but that’s because they love me. Workers here needed to be taught a lesson, they care for me, and have to do this to make my life good”

    *Sorry if this seems to downplay the effect of domestic abuse – that is not my intention. I’m so frustrated at their acceptance of such abuse, which similarly destroys lives.

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