Richard Lewis Ludwig is a thieving asshat.

It’s always bad enough when you accidentally lose your credit card someplace and have to go through the process of canceling it and getting a new one. It’s worse when someone finds it and starts racking up charges before you can cancel it.

That’s what happened to Harrun Majeed when he accidentally dropped his card in the parking lot of a local Florida business. Upon arriving home and noticing it was missing he did what you’re supposed to and called to have the card canceled:

While on the phone with the credit-card company, a representative told Majeed someone had used the card to make a purchase at Mia Pizza Pasta Kitchen, in the same plaza as the Publix where Majeed lost his card. Majeed immediately called the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

Pic of an asshat.

Douchebag dentist mugshot.

You’re probably thinking that when the police showed up they arrested some homeless guy who was just trying to get a bite to eat, right?

Well, not so much:

Polk County deputy sheriffs arrested Ludwig after finding him at the restaurant waiting for his order. They said Ludwig admitted to finding Majeed’s credit card in the parking lot, ordering two large pizzas with extra olives and using Majeed’s card to pay the $40.64 bill. Ludwig had $250 in cash in his wallet at the time of his arrest, deputies said.

When asked if he was having financial problems, the sheriff’s office said, Ludwig laughed and said “absolutely not.” He told deputies his net worth was between $3 million and $4 million.

Dude’s a fucking millionaire and had plenty of money on hand to pay for the pizza. Seriously, what the fuck?

Not that $40 is a huge loss compared to what other undesirables might have done with the card, but the fact that this is the last person on the planet who needed to use a lost credit card to grab a meal kinda compounds the douchebagginess of the whole thing. Apparently he’s a dentist from Okemos, Michigan and you have to wonder if he takes the same asshat attitude with his clients. It really speaks to his character that he would do something like this.

Update: Here’s a link to the Polk County Sheriff’s press release about this asshat.

5 thoughts on “Richard Lewis Ludwig is a thieving asshat.

  1. To quote Bill Gates on the Simpsons: “I didn’t get rich by writing a lot of cheques”. Or possibly “checks” for you U.S.A.ians.

  2. But he’s probably a Christian, so God will forgive him. That’s what Jesus died on the cross for.


  3. It’s horribly depressing, but I learned the lesson years ago.

    The shop where I worked had a lot of major executives from oil companies as patrons. I don’t know if they were millionaires, but they certainly qualified for “well off”. In my young naivete, I kept my eye on the living-on-the-edge university students more than these well-dressed citizens.

    My boss corrected me. “Keep an eye on ALL of them. Those bastards didn’t get rich by paying for stuff.”

    And it was true. I’ve since come to the point where (broadly speaking) any starving student is more honorable, honest and pleasant than any of those guys in the power suits. It is no mystery to me why socialist revolutions ferment and grow.

  4. I understand the victim is a student. Hope the Judge makes him pay the student’s fees.

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