Pastor busted for “ministering” to elderly woman with diminished capacity.

And by ministering, I mean he was fooling around with her naughty bits:

Pastor charged with sexual battery |

Seventy-four-year-old Paul Burke Johnson, the minister of Calvary Baptist Church in Dunn, is charged with four counts of misdemeanor sexual battery.

[…] According to Chief Edwards, Johnson had been visiting with residents of Liberty Commons for about 12 months. Johnson is accused of meeting and having repeated inappropriate sexual contact with a 64-year-old resident who suffers from diminished mental capacity. Edwards said the sexual conduct did not include intercourse, or any other act that would constitute a felony charge.

[…] Johnson told the investigating officer that the woman was flirtatious and often kissed and fondled him. He said he responded by fondling her breasts. Johnson said he knew the woman was “slow,” but said he did not know her mental capacity.

I’m not sure that’s what Jesus would do in that situation, but then I’m just a dirty sinful atheist so what do I know?

2 thoughts on “Pastor busted for “ministering” to elderly woman with diminished capacity.

  1. or any other act that would constitute a felony charge

    It’s nice to have a simple standard for morality.

  2. This is outrageous! Now the government gets to stop people from enjoying sex if they deem you don’t have sufficient mental capacity! What kind of mental capacity do you need to know that you like to be kissed and fondled? Who gave our public servants the right to decide what we get to enjoy and with whom. And arresting someone for consensual sex! God save us from this police state!

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