Here’s a helpful comic on anti-science red flags of quackery.

Because the more you know:


Click to embiggen!

Found over at LOL god. Read the whole article at Sci-ənce.

9 thoughts on “Here’s a helpful comic on anti-science red flags of quackery.

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  2. Coffee enemas have been used by doctors and veterinarians to stimulate a groggy patient when nothing else is available. I expect someone getting one would feel energized, but no more than if they drank the pot orally. Taking it rectally is just a faster way to get pumped full of caffeine, but don’t let that give you any ideas, coffee lovers. 😉

    Thanks for the great cartoon and all the other info, Les.

  3. Maki, thanks for an excellent comic. Hope you don’t mind that I reproduced it in whole. I’m adding you to my Google Reader as we speak.

  4. Not at all! It’s been all over the internet lately and I am in no place/able to stop it haha So I figured it was best to just sit back, thank those who I can track down, and watch it go 😀

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  6. *scratches his chin* Oddly, my great but slightly wacky great-aunt keeps sending my dad links about treatments for a condition he has, I swear, 3 of them seem to have involved coffee-enemas. Which is weird considering it’s his hands which are the problem. *sigh*

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