Clergy try to exorcise demons from Chase Bank.

A group of clergy gathered together on the steps of JP Morgan Chase on Park Ave in New York City to perform an exorcism on the bank. They said that the bank was possessed by the demons of “selfishness and avarice” because according to the group’s new study, only 6% of New York homeowners seeking a loan mod have gotten it in the past year. The exorcism happens at 0:57. No satanic spirits fly out of the banks, but money does fly out when the clergy closes down their bank accounts.

via Clergy Perform Exorcism On Chase Bank – The Consumerist.

Yeah, I’m sure that’ll do the trick. Thanks for the effort, but the problem with Chase Bank isn’t a demonic one so much as it’s a human one. It doesn’t take demons for people to be greedy and selfish.

You want to get their attention? Hit them were it hurts them the most: Their wallet. Yank your money out and encourage others to do the same. If you can convince enough others to follow your example then you just might bring about some change to how it does business. Keeping the pressure on in the press wouldn’t hurt as well.

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  1. Sorry to Thread-steal, but just to let you know that was one big-ass quake here. Where i am it’s okay, but further up north many people died. I still can’t get in contact with some of my friends.

  2. No problem, YMO. I’m glad to hear you’re safe and I hope you’re able to contact your friends. I started an open thread about the quake if you want to provide us with updates there.

  3. I don’t know which bank is more evil. Chase or Wells Fargo.
    My son was late on a car payment. I’m not a co-signer on his Wells Fargo Car loan and my address is not on the loan as his residence. Wells Fargo hired a collection agency. An agent came to my house and, while I was gone, left a note saying to tell my son to pay his loan and to please contact them. I went to my Wells Fargo branch and complained. They apologies, but when I continued to complain the guy got snotty and said that if my son had not been late, they would not have had to go to those lengths. I was so pissed. I got this t-shirt made that had a devil on it that said, “Even I don’t take bankers”. I took it in and gave it to the guy! Wells Fargo sucks. Not the tellers, their bank. Anyone else been treated this way? That hereticstuff site has has a bunch of screw banks shirts.

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