And now a musical interlude.

How about a jaunty tune to start off your Monday morning? Here’s a song called It Could Be by the band Ella Riot. Who are they? No idea, but check it:

Now you may be curious why I posted a music video from a group I’ve never heard of before. Well, that portly fellow who begins and ends the video is my brother-in-law Aral Basil Gribble II. He’s an honest to goodness actor and has been managing to make a living at it right here in Michigan, mainly by doing community theater, something I wouldn’t have thought was possible. I’m not one to attend plays, but I’ve been to several of the ones he has been in (and even became an impromptu part of one once) and I must say that he’s quite good. Good enough to get me to attend the occasional play at least, which is saying more than you might think.

I used to harass him about the fact that I’m in the Internet Movie Database and he wasn’t, but I’ve not been able to do that for a couple of years now as he finally made it in himself. I keep telling him he needs to hit it big so I can be the brother-in-law who rides on his coattails and does embarrassing things in public. It’s hard to say if that’s much of a motivation for him or not.

Anyway, he was having such a great time in this video that I couldn’t not share it with the world. If any of you budding movie makers out there are looking for an energetic portly actor who’s not afraid to give it his all, well, I’d be happy to put you in touch with him.

12 thoughts on “And now a musical interlude.

  1. He certainly looks like he’s having a good time.

    Btw- what’s up with the animal captcha? I guess rabbits must be “bunnies” or something…

  2. You commented twice so rabbits must have worked. 🙂

    Seems a few folks are having issues with the animal captcha. I guess I’ll switch it off, though I’m surprised you don’t have a registered account which would bypass the captcha altogether.

  3. So I see. I got an error message first and my message didn’t show, so I tried again and got a double post.

    I guess my old registered account is invalid now. Trouble is, there’s already a “zilch” in WordPress, and I don’t want to change my handle. Any ideas?

  4. Your account is fine, you probably just need to reset the password. It has the same email address as you’ve been using lately so you should be able to use the “Forgot my Password” option to reset it.

  5. Wow my mouth dropped open and an expression of surprise escaped. He certainly is very good. Tell Anne and Kathy they should be very proud of how far he has come. My second thought is give me more!!!!!

  6. This is a double dip that band is loud but it sure set your foot to tapping, your head to nodding and your face to smiling!!

  7. Awesome video. He was perfect for it. 🙂

    Totally reminds me of recently discovering that a friend of mine is in a soda commercial that seems to be on it’s way to viral status right now. It’s pretty funny too.
    Check out my friend Raenee..

  8. Reality is not confined to the external world of our common existence. They all seemed to be having a good time. Thanks for the musical interlude, Les.



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