The problem in a nutshell.

The deficit is soaring and states are struggling to fill holes in their budgets. Why is it suddenly so difficult?

Here’s why:

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John Sherffius
Feb 16, 2011

That says it all. We’ve gotten to the point that we expect to maintain all the important social programs without paying for any of it. Ask any business owner and he’ll tell you that you don’t survive long that way. As much as I hate taxes, I’m willing to pay to keep needed services on the table. Whenever I say that out loud it seems like most of the folks in the area look at me like I’m crazy.

What’s crazy is thinking we can have it all for nothing.

2 thoughts on “The problem in a nutshell.

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  2. I absolutely agree with you on this one, Les. The states are struggling with huge budget shortfalls, but the citizens are outraged when there is talk of cutting programs or services, or of increasing taxes. Realistically, we can’t continue to expect the states to maintain the same level of expenditures, no matter how vital the program or service, without an increase in revenue. Revenue = taxes. Simple math.

    On the other hand, an area where I would like to see some cuts is the salaries and benefits of our elected officials. In Michigan, we have the 2nd highest paid legislature in the country, with a base salary of $79,650 plus lifetime medical benefits, state paid pensions, state-paid salaries for “staff” and a $1000 monthly per diem for “office expense”. Pretty damn generous for a state that’s broke!

    Now, apparently, as of January 1, 2011, there was a change in our lawmakers pay. They took a 10% pay cut, reduced the staffing budget, eliminated the pension and replaced the pension with a 401K. Whoopee! But they kept the lifetime health care benefits that they receive after only six years of service and the monthly allowance for office expenses. All this for a what is essentially a part-time job. Are you kidding me???

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