The most awesome error message ever.

One of the challenges of working at a company that has locations around the world, and that deals with suppliers similarly spread out, is the one of communicating with people who literally speak a different language. Trying to communicate back and forth can be a real trial as idioms that all people tend to use without thinking about it rarely translate intact.

Occasionally, though, in trying to bridge the communication gap using whatever technology is at hand (in this case Google Translate) you get moments of pure awesome such as the following error message translated from Polish:

Pic of Evil eRequest.

Click to embiggen!

This problem occurs much more often than you’d think. Which is why many IT departments have a resident Priest on hand for just such an emergency.

5 thoughts on “The most awesome error message ever.

  1. Jesus appears in toast, The Devil appears in the internet.

    I know which one impresses me more.

  2. The best error message I have ever seen was “The Master Processor is insane”. This came up on a DEC HSC (hierarchical storage control) processor circa late 80’s early 90’s

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