SEB is now running on WordPress 3.1.

Pic of the WordPress logo.WordPress 3.1 was officially released today and, being the foolhardy fool that I am, I’ve upgraded SEB to it without so much as backing up my database. Mainly because my database is too big for most of the backup options in WP to work. That and the fact that I first tested it on a test installation I have just to be sure it wouldn’t eat the site outright. That said, this is a new version and may have a few quirks and/or bugs. So if you see anything that doesn’t appear to be working properly be sure to let me know.

The one new feature you will probably notice right away, if you are a registered user and are logged into your account, is the new admin bar across the top of the site. I’m not entirely sure what you’ll see as a non-admin, but I believe you’ll have access to your profile, the dashboard, and the ability to quickly submit a new post for possible publication on SEB. Plus it also displays your current Gravatar, if you have one set up (Note: You don’t have to register an account on SEB to make use of a Gravatar).

Beyond that most of the new features/changes are behind the scenes and aren’t immediately obvious even to me. Supposedly there’s a new an easier way to link to pages and posts inside SEB and there’s support for Posts Formats which I’ll probably never understand or make use of.

2 thoughts on “SEB is now running on WordPress 3.1.

  1. Interesting. I probably will wait for the inevitable 3.1.1 (and life to calm a bit). Interesting use of the top bar — is that theme-agnostic? Might save some sidebar space with some of that.

  2. It is, indeed, theme agnostic. I don’t know if you can add anything to it or not. Haven’t tried yet.

    I have done some reading up on Post Formats, however, and they are interesting. It’s basically a way for theme creators to include alternative means of displaying a post based on what “format” it’s supposed to be. The default formats, for example, include aside, gallery, quote, etc. Which of the 10 standard formats is available to you is dictated by which ones your theme says it supports.

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