Momma’s celebrating her 76th birthday!

Pic of my mother.The woman most directly responsible for my very existence turns 76 years-old today. It’s hard to think of what to say that doesn’t sound trite and cliched. For all the writing I do I find that words often fail me when I’m trying to express the gratitude and sense of good fortune to have had a mother like mine. This is especially true when reading about some other mothers that end up in the news for something very un-mother-like that they’ve done.

They say that you should immediately be skeptical of anyone claiming to be acting in your best interests unless it’s your mother. This is certainly true of mine. Over the years she sacrificed many of her own wants and needs to make sure that us kids had what we needed, if not always what we wanted. And often enough she managed to get us what we wanted as well. More importantly she managed to provide us with what we didn’t know we wanted at the time. Whether that be a sense of responsibility or the strength to do the right thing. The most important thing my mother gave me was the courage to be who I am and not what others think I should be.

She’s not perfect, no mother is, but she gave it her best effort which is more than many seem to do these days. If my daughter looks back on her time with me someday and thinks I was half as good a dad to her as my mother was to me, I’ll consider that quite the accomplishment. Especially now that I know kids don’t come with instructions manuals.  If you’re interested in knowing more about her you can visit her blog at Momma’s Corner or listen to the SEB Podcast she participated in.

So here’s a wish for a very Happy Birthday to my Mom and a hope that she has many more to come!

With all my love. Your son,


8 thoughts on “Momma’s celebrating her 76th birthday!

  1. As I read your post the thought about I wish I were half as good as my son thinks I am came to mind. Thank you son for your good wishes–love you.

  2. Happy Birthday Momma!

    I really loved the podcast that you did, and always enjoy your writings on here. Les is lucky to have such a good mother.

  3. Happy Birthday from me too. I’m very happy I got to meet you in your geodesic dome.

    love from chilly Vienna, zilch

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