If you’re not watching this season of NOVA scienceNOW, you should be.

I’m a science geek so it probably goes without saying that I love the NOVA series on PBS. I’m also a big fan of Neil Degrasse Tyson who is hosting this season of NOVA scienceNOW. So far I’ve recorded two episodes on our DVR and I’ve enjoyed both of them immensely.

The most recent episode dealt with How Does Our Brain Work? If you haven’t seen it then here is a sneak peek:

Watch the full episode. See more NOVA scienceNOW.

Each episode is tackling one of the big questions such as Can We Live Forever? and Can We Make It To Mars? Upcoming episodes will ask Where Did We Come From? and How Smart Are Animals? You can catch up on the episodes you missed at the official website for the show. All of them are fairly high-level looks at the questions so you don’t have to be a physics professor to enjoy them. I highly recommend the series.

4 thoughts on “If you’re not watching this season of NOVA scienceNOW, you should be.

  1. NOVA made me a pariah among the fundie children in my home town. At the age of four, I fell asleep in my mom’s lap while my parents were watching and episode about human fertility and, when I woke up the next day, I understood all the vagaries of the human reproductive process.

    Of course, I then took to correcting classmates that were still under false impressions about cabbage leaves, storks and whatever else.

    I was then thrown out of Sunday school for asserting that Adam and Eve were an interracial couple.

    I suggest NOVA for everyone.

  2. “We’re sorry, but this video is not availeble in your region due to rights restrictions.”


  3. I feel your pain, MC. Happens for me whenever I try to watch stuff on the official BBC homepage. On the bright side, it seems that PBS and many European channels share content on a regular basis (the science show Horizons often shows up on NOVA for example) so perhaps it won’t be long before it’s available over there.

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