Stephen Colbert on “Palin Fatigue.”

Brutal, funny, and so true it hurts to laugh about it:

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Mika Brzezinski Experiences Palin Fatigue
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Goodness knows I’m sick to death of hearing her attempt, and utterly failing, to make a coherent sentence. And to think that had John McCain actually picked someone with half a brain as a running mate, we’d never have heard of her.

2 thoughts on “Stephen Colbert on “Palin Fatigue.”

  1. I saw that last night. It was cathartic to finally hear that on television; Colbert and Brzezinski perfectly expressed my sentiments about Palin. What troubles me most about Palin, or Beck for that matter, is not so much their line of bullshit; it is the fact that there are people out there who are credulous enough to support them. Of course, that is how I felt about Bush…

    On that note, I heard today that Palin’s approval rating is around 38%. Which is a good sign and goes to the point made in the video about her irrelevance. But about that number; it is similar to the number of people who still supported Bush when he left office. Of corse, it can’t be the same group, as Bush was a big spending, deficit exploding, executive branch empowering, government bailout giving President. And we all know, given their allegations against our current President, that Sarah Palin’s fans hate those qualities, right?

    Unless, of course, 1/3 of this country loves self-serving idiot politicians who pretend to be folksy common people who are, in reality, millionaires looking to get tax cuts for other millionaires and billionaires. Politicians who speak about unity while dividing the country along cultural and religious lines. It couldn’t be that Palin fans used to be Bush voters, could it? Unless, of course, they bring no political principles/knowledge/integrity to the voting booth, and are only willing support politicians who they would like to have a beer or shoot a deer with; contingent on that person having an [R] next to their name.

    That many Americans can’t be that stupid, can they?

  2. Good question, Positive, but I won’t answer it. I’ll just say that a fringe benefit of living in Europe is the practically null exposure to Sarah Palin. For some reason, she is not deemed newsworthy here.

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