Speaking of seeing things that aren’t really there…

… I’m beginning to suspect that weathermen are doing this sort of thing on purpose:

Screencap of weatherman with huge penis.

Is that a major snowstorm or are you just REALLY happy to see me?

I especially love the fact that whoever snapped this pic of the screen managed to find the one moment where it looks like he’s rubbing it with an apropos expression on his face. Though it does appear he’s been castrated.

Still, when you’ve got one that spans the better part of a state or two I suppose you can’t help but show it off.

7 thoughts on “Speaking of seeing things that aren’t really there…

  1. “as you can see, this storm is affecting households from the very tip of the Johnsonville area, all the way down the valley to Nutbush.”

  2. You do know the difference between men and government bonds, right? Eventually government bonds mature.

    Admit it, we ARE easily amused.



  3. Considering the weather we’ve been having in the NE and that you are getting now and passing along to us (thank you very freaking much) I’m not sure that this isn’t deliberate. I think it’s what Mother Nature is doing to the country.

  4. These are not really related, but close enough. I can’t remeber where I saw these first, may have been here, but they’re still worth another laugh, IMO. Sorry if everybody’s tired of them, but they make me giggle.

    A newsperson reports on the crash of a “black cock helicopter”


    and a drug bust with some shocking evidence being collected

  5. BBC use proper meterologists (from the Met Office – or at least they used to). Despite being civil servants, rather than BBC employees, and proper trained scientists, they are not above mucking about with the boards – they are still legit, and all correct, but in the past management have had have ‘words’.

    A number of towns are put on the map, scattered across the UK to help people locate themselves, and they went through a phase of choosing names all with the same initial – One night it would be Banbury, Bath, Birmingham etc.

    Anothe presenter admited getting a roasting because he chose towns that were double entendres – all real place names, but just rude in the 20th century (though I don’t think he chose Twatt). The effects of the bollocking was mitigated by the phone call he received after from a little old lady who giggled an said “Bell End” (or something similar which is a real place), and put the phone down.

    I had a freind at the Ordinance Survey, a trained cartographer who received a phone call from QC – in a huge pine forest she had hidden ONE dressed as a Christmas tree using brackets as tinsel, ‘o’s as baubles, ‘i’ as candles, and they had spotted it on the proof read, and told her to take it out. Apparently the signature of one cartographer was in the contours of the south coast cliffs for decades before they got round to taking it out.

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