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Homeopathy demotavational poster.

That'll be $150, kthxbai!

I came across the following entry on my home town’s list of historical sites for Allentown, PA:

Homeopathic Healing Art Plaque

31 S. Penn Street

The Homeopathic Healing Art Plaque is a bronze plaque on a rock that marks the location of the world’s first medical college exclusively devoted to the practice of homeopathic medicine. Called “The North American Academy of Homeopathic Healing Art,” it was founded on April 10, 1835.

The technique of homeopathic medicine – the idea that a drug which will produce certain symptoms in a healthy person will cure a sick person with the same symptoms – was developed in Germany by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann and carried to America. A pioneer in this field was Dr. William Wesselhoeft of Bath, Northampton County. Wesselhoeft, who started a small school in Bath, was one of the founders of the Allentown institution. The Academy flourished until 1843 when it was discovered that its treasurer, Allentown banker John Rice, had embezzled the school’s funds. It then moved to Philadelphia and developed into what today is the city’s Hahnemann Hospital.

I can’t believe this is right down the street and I haven’t taken the time to absorb the historical significance that is offered there. I’ll be sure to visit and send pictures. Of course I will dilute the pixels by a factor of ten, shake vigorously and repeat until I achieve optimum visual effectiveness.

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  1. A factor of ten is okay, Les, but be careful now: if you dilute the pixels by a factor of infinity (i.e. not putting up the picture at all) the Universe will explode.

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