[SEB Guest Post] Catholic website encourages “death panel” myth in order to scare readers into opposing health care reform.

With the Republican Party still gloating over its recent election victories, claiming it has a mandate to repeal health care reform, we can see on religious websites just how they came to this supposed success. They relied, in part, on their old friend the Religious Right.

In this link you will see a questioner, Linda, asking EWTN.com (the largest Catholic television station in America’s website) “pro-life” expert Judie Brown about what she should do in the face of incoming death panels. Linda believes that Obamacare, as the Right has pejoratively labeled it, will impose death panels on the nation and that handicapped, elderly and even fat people will apparently be euthanized. This term “death panels” as most of you likely know, was invented by the irresponsible Sarah “what crosshairs?” Palin and was a term awarded the honor of 2009 “Lie of the Year” by PolitiFact.

Linda, who one assumes is a Fox News viewer as well as an EWTN.com visitor, asks if she should simply stop taking her medication now rather than wait for “Obamacare” to basically kill her.  Judie tells her not to do so, since this would be a sin (too bad Judie was not there to tell John Paul II the same in his final days when he refused to go to a hospital) and that she should instead work to repeal health care.

If you want to know what demagoguery is, what irresponsible means, and what function the Religious Right has in our society; this is a fine example. Don’t tell this poor woman the truth, that there will be no death panels and that rationing of care in our country has been happening since well before Obama took office. Just tell her to work hard for the cause of the Republican Party, and God will thank her. And, as Judie hints, if Obamacare does kill us, at least we will not have committed a sin by doing the deed ourselves.

If there is a God and if there is such a thing as sin (which I assume partisan hack Judie Brown does not believe in, as she spreads her conservative agenda through blatant lies to her naive Catholic readers), and if hell does exist, there will be a special place in it for the Religious Right.

3 thoughts on “[SEB Guest Post] Catholic website encourages “death panel” myth in order to scare readers into opposing health care reform.

  1. I love the way they always spout off that Obama is going to send them all to work/re-education/death camps, yet the only one who’s set up any prison camps recently has been GW, a Rethuglican.

  2. Ditto for Austria. It’s a continual source of amazement to me that the Republicans manage to get votes from those who are most hurt by their policies, which boil down to “fuck you, I’ve got mine”.

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