Michael Voris explains why America needs a Christian Dictator.

Who the hell is Michael Voris you ask? He’s the head of St. Michael’s Media which is based in Ferndale, Michigan which makes him a local nutcase for me. He’s a devout Catholic who got all riled up about The Da Vinci Code so he set about establishing a production studio to broadcast The Truth to the world (or at least to the greater Metro Detroit area) in 2006. Apparently he’s also been posting their videos online so as to reach a wider audience.

I say all of this because when you watch the following video you’re first thought is that it has to be a parody produced by The Onion or someone trying to be like The Onion. It’s not a parody:

We Need a Christian Dictator

I have to admit that I’m surprised to hear this sort of talk coming from a Catholic as usually this sort of rhetoric comes from the Evangelicals. To say it’s a little troubling is an understatement, but I feel they haven’t fully thought their position all the way through.

If ever the day should come that America limits voting only to the virtuous, well, that pretty much rules out Catholics entirely. What with their propensity for tolerating and covering up child molesters in their ranks and their general inclination to put the image of the church over all other concerns there’s not a whole lot that’s virtuous about them.

This is a bit of old news it seems as this came out back in August of last year. It was posted on Pharyngula at the time, but I somehow missed it. Despite its age I thought it worth sharing as an example of what some Catholics dream of.

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  1. Sickening but at least he’s too stupid to be any real harm. If I were him, I’d (besides being a bigoted moron) say that ALL religions should get together and get rid of the secularists. Then, slowly I’d kill off the Hindus and Buddhists and other non-Christians. Then, when the Christians are fully entrenched, I’d finally get rid of the Lutherans and the Evangelicals. Then, finally, I’d get rid of the Catholics who don’t make the sign of the cross properly and those that eat the Jesus Cracker with their mouths open, until I’m finally left with the only people that matter: the closeted homosexuals with bad haircuts and even worse teleprompter skills.

    Silly bigot! Does he think with even so many brain-washed Catholics in this country, they can just take over like that, without a heated war amongst other delusional believers?

  2. Only about a quarter of American Catholics, last I checked, actually attend church on Sundays. And of that quarter I would imagine that probably far less than half of that minority actually subscribe to this sort of theocratic Catholicism that we see in this video.

    But, it does exist. It might not always take the form of “we need a Catholic dictator” but certainly there are numerous conservative Catholics who believe that separation of church and state is a myth and that, for some reason, their minority church (Catholics make up about a quarter of the American population, and that number is always shrinking.) should be the one to decide how our laws are decided. So if the pope says that life begins at conception, then democratic votes and Supreme Court rulings are invalid; our laws are to be based on “natural law” and this “natural law” is whatever the pope says it is, and therefore Roe v. Wade is illegitimate. The pope may not rule directly, but the pope’s word should be law, because the pope speaks for God… of course.

    That is just one example. Historically there were popes who have condemned “modernism.” And that was in the 19th century, we need not wonder what medieval popes thought. Look at this website discussing the need to return to the ideas of Pope Leo XIII:

    In many ways, the mentality of that website is the mentality of Benedict XVI. It is quite reactionary. Some people will not be pleased until we are back in the Dark Ages, where minority opinion can be censored and where everyone owes the church 1/10 of what they own.

    But, again, I’ll emphasize that this is only a fringe view. The vast majority of Catholics in America would likely be of JFK’s point of view; belief in the pope in a spiritual sense, but refusal to follow his dictates in secular matters. I am sure that dominionism is far more rampant in American Evangelical Protestant churches, as Les alluded to.

    JFK’s 1960 speech on separation of church and state to the Greater Houston Ministerial Association:

  3. Then, finally, I’d get rid of the Catholics who don’t make the sign of the cross properly

    For those who are in danger of elimination through this oh-so-legitimate litmus test, I point you at the words of St. Robert of Coltrane who reminded the faithful “Spectacles, Testicles, Wallet and Watch.”

    Remember this, and ye shall be safe…at least until you chew your Jesus cracker with your mouth open. Not much even he can do about that.

  4. I agreed with him.

    Right up to 0:37.

    After that he got 90% arse about face.

    One person goes into a voting booth, to vote to improve the lot of the nation as a whole. The other is only interested in what the politician has promised HIM.

    Which one of these is more likely to be the liberal, and which is going to vote for the Right?

    I’m all in favour of one man, one vote. As long as I am the One Man.

  5. “. . .Thy Kingdom come,
    Thy will be done,
    On Earth as it is in Heaven.
    . . .For Thine is the Kingdom,
    And the Power, and the Glory
    Forever. Amen”

    How many of us have agreed with this nut without paying attention? 😉


  6. So true, Leguru, but as a former Catholic, I know that church goers don’t really consider what they are saying. They just follow the motions. “Spectacles, testicles . . .” like JethricOne said. Thinking is not optional; it’s discouraged.

    It’s really how Catholics are taught to follow their faith. In the days when I tried to reason with these folks (back when I didn’t just walk away when they’d stick a Bible under my nose and try to “save” me back to the One True Church) I found their lack of knowledge of basic scripture abysmal. It was like a fifth-grader waving a college text book at me and pointing at all the pictures, selectively chosen to prove their points. One genius, finally frustrated at my stubborness and in answer to some point I made, finally said something that I don’t think it is possible for me to ever forget. He said: “What do the Jews know about the Bible?”

    And what does Charles Dickens know about A Tale of Two Cities.

  7. I recall participating in some sort of demented online Bible-quiz with some Christians. At that point the Bible had converted me to atheism, as it often does for people. I believe I got most of the correct answers (which isn’t to brag, its just to show that average Christians haven’t read all of it), and you can imagine how pleased they were when it turned out that I was an atheist. And, of course, once it turned out that I was an atheist, naturally their response was that I didn’t know what I was talking about.

    It is like that Pew survey showed last year; atheists know more about religion than theists. And, while this of course doesn’t apply to all Catholics, they do tend to know less about the Bible than believers of other denominations. They don’t have to, of course; the Church will tell them what it means. Everybody wins.

    And I too appreciate Jewish insights into the Bible. Generally speaking, and perhaps predictably, I find the Jewish interpretations of the Old Testament that I’ve seen to be more accurate than Christian interpretations. And Catholic apologist interpretations of the Bible are often plain ridiculous.

  8. The old line, “Ask four Rabbis for a scriptural interpretation and you will get FIVE replies.” Early “scripture” really was used as a starting point to generate discussion. Whe I was serving my mission in Brasil, the Catholic families we visited told us that they were required to have a Bible in the home, but it was a mortal sin to read it. Go figure.



  9. sorry, hate to burst your bubble, Moloch, but this Catholic would no more accept a Catholic dictator as leader of the country then I’d accept any other dictator.

    As for the pope, it’s a choice. That others choose not to be Catholic is their right.

    And as for the whackjob in the video, he’s a whackjob and probably needs to be locked up in a looney bin for everyone’s protection.

  10. Whoa—-This video has been extentsively edited to minimize Voris’ extreme preference for only “faithful Catholics” to be eligible voters and, better yet, to install a “Catholic monarch” over the nation. Below is a partial transcript of the original version:

    “The cancer must be eliminated. And the only way to prevent a democracy from committing suicide is to limit the vote to faithful Catholics.”
    “Only a true Catholic nation, in fact, will survive – can survive – because only truly Catholic people will be the ones looking at God and not staring in the mirror. When they cast their votes, they cast them with an eye to what God desires.”
    “Now the only way to run a country is by benevolent dictatorship. A Catholic monarch who protects his people from themselves and bestows on them what they need. Not necessarily what they want.”

  11. The old line, “Ask four Rabbis for a scriptural interpretation and you will get FIVE replies.”

    Certainly, but I still tend to find those Jewish interpretations of the Bible more legitimate, if you see what I mean. Take for example the “suffering servant” verses. Christians would have us believe that those are prophesies predicting the life of Jesus. Jewish interpreters tend to view it as an allegory for the suffering of the Jewish people. Obviously I’m mot inclined to agree with the latter view.

  12. “The Diocese of Scranton (PA) has determined that Mr. Voris will not be allowed to speak in a Diocesan or parish facility. After these engagements were scheduled, the Diocese became aware of concerns about this individual’s views regarding other religious groups. In videos posted on the Internet, Mr. Voris makes comments that certainly can be interpreted as being insensitive to people of other faiths. The Catholic Church teaches us to respect all people, regardless of their faith tradition.”


  13. Glad to hear that, though this made me laugh a little.

    The Catholic Church teaches us to respect all people, regardless of their faith tradition.

    We probably all know the history, but…

    “The catholic and apostolic church condemns those who say concerning the Son of God that “there was a time when he was not” or “he did not exist before he was begotten” or “he came to be from nothing” or who claim that he is of another subsistence (hypostasis) or essence, or a creation, or changeable, or alterable.”

    -Condemnation of Arians at Nicaea, 325

    “O what a disgrace if such a despised and base race, which worships demons, should conquer a people which has the faith of omnipotent God and is made glorious with the name of Christ!”

    -From an early account of Urban II’s call for the First Crusade against Muslims, 1095

    “We excommunicate and anathematize every heresy that raises against the holy, orthodox and Catholic faith which we have above explained; condemning all heretics under whatever names they may be known, for while they have different faces they are nevertheless bound to each other by their tails, since in all of them vanity is a common element. Those condemned, being handed over to the secular rulers of their bailiffs, let them be abandoned, to be punished with due justice, clerics being first degraded from their orders.”
    “Catholics who have girded themselves with the cross for the extermination of the heretics, shall enjoy the indulgences and privileges granted to those who go in defense of the Holy Land.”
    “The more the Christians are restrained from the practice of usury, the more are they oppressed in this matter by the treachery of the Jews, so that in a short time they exhaust the resources of the Christians.”
    “Thus it happens at times that through error Christians have relations with the women of Jews or Saracens, and Jews and Saracens with Christian women. Therefore, that they may not, under pretext of error of this sort, excuse themselves in the future for the excesses of such prohibited intercourse, we decree that such Jews and Saracens of both sexes in every Christian province and at all times shall be marked off in the eyes of the public from other peoples through the character of their dress.”

    -All from the Fourth Lateran Council, 1215

    “Arise, O Lord, and judge your own cause. Remember your reproaches to those who are filled with foolishness all through the day. Listen to our prayers, for foxes have arisen seeking to destroy the vineyard whose winepress you alone have trod. When you were about to ascend to your Father, you committed the care, rule, and administration of the vineyard, an image of the triumphant church, to Peter, as the head and your vicar and his successors. The wild boar from the forest seeks to destroy it and every wild beast feeds upon it.”

    -Opening of Exsurge Domine, condemning Martin Luther, 1520

    “We pronounce, judge, and declare, that you, the said Galileo . . . have rendered yourself vehemently suspected by this Holy Office of heresy, that is, of having believed and held the doctrine (which is false and contrary to the Holy and Divine Scriptures) that the sun is the center of the world”

    -Condemnation of Galileo, 1630

    “These dangers, viz., the confounding of license with liberty, the passion for discussing and pouring contempt upon any possible subject, the assumed right to hold whatever opinions one pleases upon any subject and to set them forth in print to the world, have so wrapped minds in darkness that there is now a greater need of the Church’s teaching office than ever before, lest people become unmindful both of conscience and of duty.”

    -Leo XIII rejecting American principles of freedom of speech, thought, conscience, individualism, Testem Benevolentiae Nostrae, 1899

    Lest anyone say I am nitpicking, I could easily go into other matters (gays, witches, slavery, child rape) but I chose not to since the quote addresses religious tolerance.
    But, as I said above, most American Catholics are (to what would have been Leo XIII’s chagrin) tolerant and not adherents to the traditions of intolerant Catholicism. Indeed, most American Catholics voted for Obama, despite his being pro-choice. The Church hierarchy itself, with the loss of power and status, has generally become somewhat more tolerant, particularly since Vatican II; though not exactly towards gays, atheists and pro-choicers, to say the least. But this halfhearted tolerance is a modern phenomenon and this Voris guy would have been in the Catholic mainstream in prior decades/centuries, and there certainly remains a substantial number of conservative Catholics (especially on EWTN) who would agree with him. As I said earlier, his way of thinking is not altogether different from that of Benedict XVI. Not entirely. At any rate, let it never be said that Catholicism has been consistent in its history, as conservative Catholics would claim. Catholicism, particularly in its teachings regarding religious freedom, has contradicted itself at every turn. Infallible? Hardly.

  14. Now there you go, Positive, trying to mix facts with faith. Whatever is the matter with you? Remember Rule Number 1: The Catholic Church is Always Right. Rule Number 2: If the Catholic Church is wrong, please refer to Rule Number 1.


  15. Nice piece of historical research, Positive. Apparently the Church is not the “rock” of consistency the propagandists at EWTN would have you believe.
    If you want a look at incendiary pre-Vatican II polemic, browse over to:
    [I wonder if Voris is using this stuff to put the meat into his diatribes?]

    This hard-core Catholic reactionary resurgence leads me to anticipate another major schism in the RCC: History’s “500 year cycle” beckons.

  16. Eastern Orthodox, Roman, what’s next, Birmingham? No, that would be Baptist. So many choices, so little difference.



  17. JesusMadeMeDoIt said that “Thinking is not optional; it’s discouraged.”
    Historically, it may even be fatal. It could turn you into ashes (Jan Hus) or outlaw (Martin Luther).
    Did you know that ex-Catholics constitute 10% of the U.S. population? What a voting block!

  18. If that happens Im killing myself there is no way I can live if this Vile and evil Religion is In Charge

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