Mexican drug smugglers go old school to bypass modern problems.

Pic of drug flinging trebuchet.

Who knew you could get your pot delivered via air mail?

And by old school I mean really old school. Like 12th century old school:

Several individuals set up a trebuchet, a type of catapult powered by a counterweight, just south of the border fence, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said in a news release.

A video clip released by the agency shows a small group apparently launching drugs over the border with the device.

Border Patrol agents contacted Mexican authorities, who disrupted the attempt. Seized were approximately 45 pounds of marijuana, an SUV, and the 3-yard tall catapult on a flatbed trailer.

via Smugglers get medieval: Pot catapult found at border.

Problem: Neighboring country doesn’t like you selling drugs to its citizens so they erect a large fence.

Solution: Toss your shit over with a trebuchet.

Beats digging a tunnel.

2 thoughts on “Mexican drug smugglers go old school to bypass modern problems.

  1. Don’t you just love my neck of the woods? That’s about 30 miles from my house. I just think that they could have done a better job and set it up in a less obtrusive place, like nearer to Lochiel or in the Huachuca mountains.

    Oh…I don’t care for the animal captcha. Is it a puppy or a dog?

  2. Maybe they wanted to show off how clever they were…

    As for the captcha, it’s not overly specific in terms of cat versus kitten. It’ll recognize cat for anything that is a cat regardless of age. It’ll also recognize a couple of non-English words as well (e.g. gato).

    I must say that it’s a damned effective captcha compared to the others I’ve used. It allows the least amount of spam through because they haven’t figured out how to automate replies to it. If it bothers you just register an account and you’ll bypass it when commenting. Or, if you have an OpenID, you can use that to login as well.

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