Is it real or CGI?

Watch this ad made by Alex Roman for Grupo Cosentino’s Silestone brand counter tops and see if you can pick out which parts are real and which are CGI:

Can you tell which is which? I’ll put the answer after the jump…

Made by Alex Roman, maker of The Third & The Seventh. Entirely made on computers, not a second of actual footage! ‘DEM LEMONS IS FAKE!

When we first saw Alex Roman’s The Third&Seventh over a year ago, everyone was stunned by the photorealism of his CG worlds. With his latest commercial work, a spot for Grupo Cosentino’s Silestone brand countertops, Roman once again shows his passion for cinematography, lighting and texture.

Although this spot is 100% CG, the beauty of the shots distract the viewer from this amazing fact. Each composition is elegantly balanced: light counterweights dark, chaos challenges order. The sparse soundtrack creates a sense of lightness and wonder, and we are invited into a world that seems so real, so tangible, that we fully accept the glass-like shattering of grapes and peppers.

It almost doesn’t matter that the spot is purely digital. Sure, it’s an eyebrow-raising footnote, but Roman is simply using the tools he knows best to tell his story. He just happens to be pushing the envelope of commercial CG production while he’s doing it.

Yeah, that’s right. None of it is real. Not one second.

Amazing what they can do with those newfangled computers, eh?

2 thoughts on “Is it real or CGI?

  1. One thing about being older is that I am continually delighted by the magic that is CGI. I remember when the movie “Willow” introduced the first transition from animal to animal to human. It was magic to me then and it is magic to me now. I feel sorry for the kids who are so used to CGI that they no longer marvel at the skill it takes to create these journeys into the fantastic.

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