I didn’t write about the Astrology uproar over changing signs…

Pic of Astrology for Dummies cover.

A more accurate title I can't begin to imagine.

… because, despite what some practitioners would claim, astrology is nothing but pure bullshit.

Just like tasseomancy (reading tea leaves), palmistry, cartomancy (tarot), extispicy (animal entrails), clairvoyance, I Ching, kau cim, numerology, scrying, spirit boards, and — yes — even prayer.

It’s all bullshit bought into by gullible people caught in the grip of wishful thinking. None of it will tell you anything useful about what the future holds any more than pulling random guesses out of your ass.

So the signs have moved and there’s a new one that’s been added called Ophiuchus (which isn’t really new at all) and tons of people are suddenly having some sort of identity crises because all these years they thought they were a Virgo and now suddenly they’re a Leo and no wonder their horoscopes have been so disappointing because they’ve been reading the wrong one for their entire life and trying to do what it says and why didn’t they realize it must be the wrong one…

Isn’t it bad enough that surveys suggest 25% of Americans actually believe in astrology? Did we really need every news organization to devote so much time and attention to the topic? Was there really nothing else of any importance going on that day that you felt the need to spend so much air time and column space on what the ramifications of this change would be for the average American?

I can tell you what the impact will be for the average American: Absolutely nothing. Because it’s bullshit.

4 thoughts on “I didn’t write about the Astrology uproar over changing signs…

  1. Actually, if you dig a bit more (which the majority of the population didn’t) the “change” is based on a vedic system and not the tropical system we use. Nothing is really changing and apparently this thing comes up every so many years. Here is a link talking about it:


    This is of course to give you more information to fight the stupidity. πŸ˜›

  2. Don’t you feel that they only missed the word “is” in that book title?

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