Conservatives not happy with T-shirts handed out at Tucson memorial service.

Pic of woman setting out Thrive t-shirts.

It may look like a t-shirt with a positive message to you, but to Conservatives it's SOCIALISM BEING FORCED ON THE MOURNERS!!

Conservative hatred for all things Obama has led them to say and do some crazy things in the last two years. Things like voting against legislation they had originally proposed simply because Obama thought it wasn’t a bad idea. It seems there isn’t anything Obama can do that the Conservatives won’t find a way to bitch about.

Take, for example, his appearance at the Tucson memorial for the victims of the Giffords assassination attempt. They’ve got their panties all in a bunch over a t-shirt that the college whipped up to hand out to the crowd which read: “Together We Thrive: Tucson and & America.”


“I’m having a physical reaction to the T-shirts,” Amanda Carpenter, a speech writer for Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) tweeted tonight. “I’m tearing up. This feels wrong.”

(The tweet has since been deleted.)

Other conservatives on Twitter shared in the sentiment. Some have already speculated the shirts were paid for with taxpayer dollars.

Michelle Malkin had earlier raised a rukus about the event’s logo on her blog.

“Isn’t the churning of the instant messaging machine a bit, well, unseemly?” she wrote. “Can’t the Democrat political stage managers give it a break just once?”

Right-wing media star Tammy Bruce had some of the harshest attacks on the event and the crowd here in Tucson. She likened the event to the 2002 funeral for Sen. Paul Wellstone (D-MN), which conservatives at the time claimed was unfairly turned into a political rally by Wellstone’s supporters.

“Massacre Rally Theatre is a complete abomination. Absolutely obscene,” Bruce tweeted Wednesday. “Clinton should be happy, no longer will ‘Wellstone’ be the benchmark.”

via Conservatives Criticize Free T-Shirts At Tucson Memorial Service | TPMDC.

You can bet that if Obama were to drop dead of a heart attack in the middle of a speech on live television the Conservatives would be complaining that he didn’t die in a fiery helicopter crash into the Democratic headquarters. And even if he did that, they’d complain that they didn’t get a front-row seat and a big bucket of popcorn to watch it happen.

For the record, the university is responsible for the “branding” they’re so upset about. But even if it was the creation of the Obama administration it’d be stunningly hypocritical of Republicans to complain about it considering how happy they were to milk the hell out of pictures and videos of the World Trade Center terrorist attacks over the years. Hell, Rudolph Giuliani seemed to have developed some weird form of Tourette’s that caused him to spit out “9/11” every fourth or fifth word during his Presidential run.

Pot, meet kettle.

3 thoughts on “Conservatives not happy with T-shirts handed out at Tucson memorial service.

  1. It’s gotten to the point where they complain so much on the right that I can’t even find the actual complaint. Although my eyes bled for doing it and I’ll have to whip myself in repentance tonight, I clicked through to the hideous Malkin blog.

    A good portion of the complaint appears to be that the shirts are blue. WTF. Really?

    They make my head hurt. 🙁

  2. They couldn’t complain about Obama’s speech (which was heartfelt and which also, for them, had the added benefit of exonerating the Right for their crypto-violent rhetoric) so they had to find something peripheral. Hume on Fox tried to target the Native American pastor, but that wasn’t close enough to Obama. Beck tried to say that Obama should have spoken sooner, which is a predictably trivial critique from America’s prime inventor of frivolous grievances. Others tried to say that the crowd wasn’t good and that it felt like a pep rally (Jon Stewart humorously covered this complaint) but that, again, isn’t enough of a personal attack on Obama and is unimaginably petty; insulting the mourners for their manner of mourning.

    So, umm, lets attack the t-shirts…

  3. Yet again…accuse others of playing dirty politics while throwing bucketfuls of bullshit, with no respect for facts, truth, decency, honesty, or anyone who doesn’t march lockstep with the wingnut brigade.

    I could just copy/paste any number of comments I’ve left on this blog, including the one I ranted out yesterday on your original post about Giffords.

    Instead, I just want to ask a few questions of any random “conservatives” or republicans who may be lurking:

    What’s it like to be associated with and represented by such worthless, lying, crybaby piece-of-shit scum? Do you all just pretend that you and your leaders are honest and honorable? That they have real points to make, or ideas or solutions for anything except their own pusuit of power?

    I’m really not the most liberal person on every single issue, but the leadership and grassroots of your party lies somewhere on the spectrum between ratbag televangelist-style liars-for-profit, and batshit crazy, violent, self-righteous, and ignorant. That’s all you have now, and while you may still win some elections, you have forever stained any claim of “principles” you may have had. Are you honestly happy with that, as long as you can feel like big tough guys, with your military worship, warmongering, blatant authoritarianism, and monkey-assed tribal drum beating?

    Do any of you even care that your leaders are clearly, obviously, openly interested in nothing at all except short-term profit and power-worship? Or do you really all believe, like screeching monkeys and illiterate slaves, that might is the only right, and that it is the right of the rich and powerful to do anything they want, lie without consequence, consume any resource, kill any opponent, drop bombs without care, and shit all over the world and everyone in it until they either own or have destroyed everything?

    …cause that is the path you all are on. And it’s disgusting to any mature human, like watching maggots battle each other for supreme reign over a puddle of rancid dogshit…except with talk shows and rallies, as well.

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