Always remember that your life could be much worse…

… you could be one of these poor saps:

Sure I may not have excelled in the past year and might have been unemployed for awhile, but at least I didn’t do a face plant while trying to show off in some stupid fashion. Some of these had me grabbing my balls in sympathy pain.

2 thoughts on “Always remember that your life could be much worse…

  1. While you have to feel sorry for a few of them where it was genuine bad luck, most of the rest of them deserve pity for only for apparently being unable to tell when an idea is damn stupid.

  2. I’ll second what YMO said. The poor innocent boobs (no way to really expect a bull to jump into the stands) deserve a wince of sympathy. I can only call on the Great Darwin and hope those other cretins really suffered some consequences.

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