When Christmas Pageants attack! Next on FOX!

A lot of Christian churches go all out for Christmas and do their best to bring the myths legends alive for their congregations. Often this involves making use of live animals in a Nativity scene or skit, which is fine when you’re doing it outdoors, but a lot trickier when you move it indoors:

Don’t be mad at the camel, he was just trying to do the right thing and sit in a pew like all the other congregants.

Can you imagine being killed in church from having a 1,100 pound camel falling on you and then having to explain that to Saint Peter at the pearly gates? If God does exist he has a twisted sense of humor.

Via Camel in church — Chez Oswell.

3 thoughts on “When Christmas Pageants attack! Next on FOX!

  1. Les, do you know if anyone was hurt or killed? It looks like that camel not only fell on, but *stayed* on some poor soul. Not bright idea bringing camels inside of…well, anything.

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