Today is SEB’s 9th Blogiversary!

Pic of Anniversary Balloon.

Has it really been 9 freakin' years already?

Back on this day in 2001 I posted my very first blog entry wherein I explained my Grand Vision for conquering the world of obnoxious pontification on topics I have no business expressing opinions on. Given my ADHD and tendency to get bored in record time, I’m surprised to look back and see I’m just one year shy of dedicating an entire decade to shooting my mouth off on the Internet.

SEB has gone through a lot of changes in that time including starting out with an entirely different name. We’ve been on three different blogging platforms and nearly half a dozen webhosts. The look of the site has changed over the years with some of the designs being better than others and I’ve learned a great deal about what is involved in running a moderately popular website.

The most amazing thing to me is that many of you have been regular members of the site since the very beginning. You’ve been with me through thick and thin with the former being most of the first four years and the latter the last five. You have gone out of your way to be a friend to someone you’d never met in person. The generosity I’ve been fortunate enough to receive has been overwhelming and humbling. Thanks to this blog and the loyal following it has attracted I’ve had opportunities to do and enjoy things I probably never would have had otherwise.

My blogging has slowed over the last year or so as my employment situation has been in flux, but I’m hoping that I’ll be back on the upswing in terms of frequency now that I have landed long-term employment. For the record, the current stats for SEB as of this entry are 6,859 posts and exactly 82,200 comments. Not too shabby all things considered.

Will I still be at this in another 9 years? Hard to say. There’s been a couple of times I came close to giving it up over the years only to gain a second or a third wind and keep plugging along. The frequency of my postings tends to rise and fall over time, but I never seem to completely run out of things to blab about. I figure I’ve got at least a few more years in me before I become totally irrelevant. Surely I’ll be able to come up with something to talk about in that time.

9 thoughts on “Today is SEB’s 9th Blogiversary!

  1. Thanks for your work Les, it is really, really appreciated by many of us out here.. Personally, I’ve been a reader for about three years, though only posting in the latter half of that time….and I always enjoy the blog.

    Thanks, congratulations, and I sincerely hope you keep doing it, as it seems good for you, and it’s good for some of us out here, also!

    Much love and peace,


  2. I still miss the black and orange Halloweenish look to the site… there, I said it.

    Congratulations Les. This was probably one of the first blogs I ever visited, and I think almost certainly the first blog I ever posted anything on. It has been fun reading your posts over the last few years, always appreciated reading your views, Les, and I hope that you continue for a long time.

  3. Congrats Les! Can’t even remember how long I’ve been reading your blog (5+ years at least). You’ve remained one of my daily reads all this time and I hope you kept it up for many more years.

  4. Congratulations, Les. I have enjoyed this blog tremendously and hope you keep it up at least another 9. I do not always agree, but I really appreciate the great responses and the defenses of some often unpopular stands. Where are Spoko, Consigliere, Lucky John 19, and some of the older posters?

  5. I really dig your blogs Les. No other blogs I’ve come across even compare. It is one of my daily reads now as well. And like Positive, you popped my post cherry too.
    Keep it up man. And thanks for posting my stupid evil rants. I hope to learn something from them.

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