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Here’s something to stretch your noodle with: When you go to bed tonight, assuming you sleep for a full 8 hours, you will have traveled roughly 536,496 miles through space. That’s how far the Earth moves in its orbit around the Sun in a mere night’s rest. In case you’re curious that’s roughly 67,062 miles per hour. I say roughly because the Earth actually speeds up and slows down depending on how close to the Sun it is at the time.

Pic of spinning stars.

And you think you never get to go anywhere...

If you want to take into account the speed of the Earth’s rotation, which would also technically result in your having traveled while dozing, then it gets a bit tricker as the speed varies depending where you are on the surface. At the equator it’s roughly 1070 miles an hour, but here in Ann Arbor, Michigan it’s a mere 771.1 miles per hour. When I wake up in the morning I will have traveled some 6,168.8 miles or so. Over half a million miles in the course of one night and yet I’m still in the same bed when morning comes.

Now if you really want to make your brain hurt, figure out how many miles per year that adds up to.

8 thoughts on “SEB Random Thought of the Moment.

  1. OK so this is probably not much of a revelation for the average SEB reader.

    I still thought it was pretty damned nifty.

  2. Not to mention the sun moving about 140 miles per second around the center of the galaxy, so that’s another 4 million miles per night…

  3. Stats from Monty Python’s “Galaxy Song” (from The Meaning Of Life):
    Planet is revolving at 900 miles an hour
    Orbiting the sun at 19 miles a second
    Solar System is moving at million miles a day in the outer spiral arm
    The outer spiral arm is rotating at 40,000 miles an hour

    Ok, I’m using a comedy song for citation here, so YMMV, but I think we’re all travelling a good half-million miles every night: that’s good MPG!

  4. Every time I think about this I’m filled with a sense of amazement. Perhaps I’m easily impressed, but this sort of thing always fascinates me.

  5. I reckon you are lazy!

    You go to bed in the same place as you woke up. Ergo distance covered =0.

    Average speed is therefore Zero.


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