Police bust asshats stealing urns from cemetery.

Yet another example of the callousness of others:

Three accused grave robbers have been arrested after authorities say they stole 400 brass vases last month from a North Harris County cemetery and cashed them in as scrap metal.

Doyle Aaron Glover, 71; Daniel Lee Stevens, 36; and Tawny Maryssa Watson, 21, were taken into custody.

They were among several people wanted in the overnight heists at Brookside Memorial Park, a 290-acre cemetery at 13401 Eastex Freeway.

Each has been charged with second-degree felony theft, which carries a punishment of two to 20 years in prison.

via 3 held in theft of urns; 3 more being sought | Chron.com – Houston Chronicle.

It’s easy to understand why some folks believe in Hell when there are people like this in the world. Not that this crime is really deserving of an eternity of flaming torture, but you’d hope they’d at least cool their heels in prison for a few years.

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  1. My family, and the neighborhoods we lived in when I was young, are pretty close to what people see in their minds when someone says “white trash”. Upper lower class, uneducated but opinionated, religious but abusive, racist, misinformed, yet somehow arrogant about it all because we were White Redneck Christian Republican Americans, thus positioning us a step away from the finish line without having done the work of running the race.

    I’ve spent my whole life puzzled by the relationship between rednecks and scrap metal. Every year there are articles in the news about people stealing train tracks, plumbing from building projects, and electrical wiring (sometimes right off the pole, resulting in death, dismemberment, and/or blackouts).

    When I was a kid and the big drought hit, the canals dried up and I found all kinds of stuff on the bottom, including a bronze burial urn. Carrying it home, a construction worker followed me offering progressively higher amounts for it (3, 4, 5 dollars). The guy followed me all the way home, told my mother he’d take care of getting it to a cemetery, and she gave it to him. When I went back outside, he was using our hose to wash the ashes out of the urn… I couldn’t step on the lawn for months.

    In college I was one of the two people in charge of an electronics lab that had been in operation for over 100 years… there was a storage room crammed to the ceiling with equipment and experiments. Asked to clear the room out, the other guy and I started separating stuff into piles – garbage, surplus, usable, important. Right before a class I had, we pulled out this huge metal contraption that had motors and mirrors and lenses all mounted on big hunks of aluminum, steel, and brass. I had an idea of what it was, but I had to go to class so I asked the other guy to just leave things be until I got back. After class I stopped at the library to look things up; sure enough, the apparatus we had found was a Michelson-Morley machine, the device used to determine that light didn’t travel through an ‘ether’, an experiment that had been replicated and validated at my university. I ran back to the lab pretty excited – this was something of historical value that deserved to be in the school museum, if not the Smithsonian.

    When I got to the lab, both the device and the other guy were gone. About 20 minutes later he strutted in, proud as can be, and told me he made $27 selling the thing as scrap metal. I almost killed him.

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