[SEB Guest Post] Yeah I’m a Dreamer. But I’m not the only one.

With the modern equivalent of the Library Of Alexandria at the fingertips of around 310,650,000 Americans, why are we all still so ignorant, naive, and proud of, what politicians like to call and rely on, uneducated votes?

A little research will reveal (to those who deal with Cognitive Dissonance logically and honestly) just how big of a sucker we all are for perpetuating an argument for 200 years, all the while allowing only the most depraved kind of persons to be the soul profiteers from it. So proud you voted for Demagogues that care as much for this country as dope dealers care about addicts .

If you consider yourself a “Democrat” or a “Republican” (or TEA Party Douche) it looks as if you are the reason this “Democracy” will be as short lived and end as VIOLENT as EVERY Democracy has before this one.

Read up on Communication of falsehoods, propaganda techniques, and the many logical fallacies politicians use (I fucking Hate being lied to. Don’t you?) before you defend whatever perceived ‘lesser of two evils’ you settled for with the same glittery generalities they sold to you. Because as morally corrupt as it is to employ those methods all while claiming to be god-fearing and virtuous is nowhere near as bad as the decadence they indulge whilst serving you as long and hard as they can. Case in point (mild in comparison to the fleecing that goes on in  Washington everyday) the coveted Ms. Palin received a “per diem” expense allowance for 312 nights she spent at her home in Wasilla. Over 17,000 dollars, by definition, embezzled from the state of Alaska and already cash strapped United States. Common thievery from another greedy low life. Now if those same villainous officials were caught doing the same  in a private or company setting there would be dire consequences, very likely prison.

This fact disturbs me deeply me because, for instance, those very same verboten acts of an individual against his neighbor or his employer victimize only the neighbor or the vitality of the company, whereas the licentious and criminal undertaking of an elected official undermine the prosperity and vitality of our entire country!

I think it is not unreasonable to define “corruption in public office”, or even the lackadaisical way in which some of these trusted servants carry out their responsibilities, as TREASON. For there is no doubt our enemies are aided by their criminal exploits as well as the often over looked imprudence of these elected ignoble officials. And what enemy would not take comfort in seeing our country become weaker.

In 1790, the Congress of the United States enacted that:

“If any person or persons, owing allegiance to the United States of America, shall levy war against them, OR shall adhere to their enemies, giving them AID AND COMFORT within the United States, or elsewhere, and shall be thereof convicted on confession in open Court, or on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act of the treason whereof he or they shall stand indicted, such person or persons shall be adjudged guilty of treason against the United States, and SHALL SUFFER DEATH.”

If we want to make this country great and prosperous again, a good place to start would be to take the next smug miscreant asshole who is caught fleecing America from his desk at any level of government and try him then hang him. (the death penalty has been imposed on countless Americans for far lesser crimes.)

We can all be assured that the level of quality and productivity from our over-paid and over-privileged servants might finally match the salaries and benefits they currently are rewarded.

And no longer will our enemies take aide and comfort knowing the injuries WE sustain from unchecked corruption in government. And trust that not a penny would be found wanton in our social security if those greedy pricks had to rely on it for retirement.

All you registered Democrats and Republicans should probably read up on some of the federalists papers, most notably federalists paper No. 10 and anti-federalist paper Brutus No. 1, if you would care to get to know a little bit about that which you claim to love.

Voting is no where near as powerful in preserving liberty and freedom as is a well informed public. This age of information and communication has made the fundamental arguments, that started these factions INVALID and only serves to retard prosperity and, if history teaches anything, herald tyranny.

One more thing. Do you want to us to WIN the war on drugs? Really?

OK. Take the Billions of dollars given to law enforcement each year and fund education. Make teachers the prestigious and highly paid civil servants they once were.  Provide them the tools to produce generations of adults that are not only scholastically superior to the rest of the world but perhaps more importantly, with the addition of required psychology courses from grade 1 thru 12 may enjoy a higher quality of life being expertly aware of all the complex feelings and emotions one feels in life and well equipped with highly effective coping mechanisms and conflict resolution techniques.

Would that not be attacking the demand at its source? Yes. It would put a huge god-damned dent in the demand AND would deliver, for the very first time I might add, a devastating blow to supply.  Pretty fucking simple economics.

What kind of backward misanthropic asshole would declare a war on the drugs that was perceived to threaten and attack indiscriminately the health and well-being of  people and then, to the absolute dismay of the VICTIMS of these drugs, find themselves the sole VICTIM of said war. If someone where looking into our little screwy  terrarium they would draw the conclusion that for reasons unknown a small but apparently very powerful group of ruling bipeds had decided to ally themselves with a substance they call drugs in an ongoing effort to destroy lives of all the other worker bipeds with a much more proactive approach by bashing in homes and breaking up  families as well as many diabolically creative attempts at ensuring a lifetime of hardships by adding insult to the injuries of their disease with the social stigma of being a criminal.

And fuck all those in advance who disagree on this point and sympathize in any way whatsoever with the atrocities of the war on mankind carried out every day with  acts of terrorism exploding, fully loaded, into homes of women and children, taking their source of income or even just the bit of stability and love those innocents had.

Alright I’m gettin’ really pissed. I better stop before I start cursing all those enemies of freedom and liberty that carry out this war so vehemently. I don’t pray, but just for fun lets all end this collection of ideas with a prayer to all the gods those screwballs pray to.

Dear god we ask you on this fine day to make aware the evils and sufferings they themselves bestow upon the relative innocents daily and in mass.  We ask you with your mighty hand grant these whore mongers a compassion and desire to help and promote health and the value of family, instead of just saying those things and then doing the opposite. Let your love of justice cause their new god-given goodwill to eat thru the sins of their crimes against humanity until there is left only a hole. The kind of hole that can only be filled by the drugs they employed as a cover for oppressing political upheavals they perceived as a threat to the free ride they all enjoy. And then cause them all to die and go to…I don’t give a shit where.  In your many names we pray.  Oh yeah, in case you haven’t noticed, your divine word, IF it was ever clear and concise, is anything but now. So if you could drop by and clear some things up it would end pretty much every problem that plagues this world today.


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You wanna know a little about me? True to the spontaneity that defines me i offer this conversation between me and my brother that started a few clicks past mid-night and fended a moment ago. (click paste) Monday, November 8, 2010 Deryck (12:54 AM): what aare you up too? Deryck (12:55 AM): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtQakhG2Q_k&feature=related Justin Christmas (12:55 AM): just got done watching Dexter Deryck (12:56 AM): stupidevilbastard.com Deryck (12:56 AM): the walking dead was fucking intense Justin Christmas (12:56 AM): Watch the first one Deryck (12:56 AM): play that song and read my post. Justin Christmas (12:57 AM): i'm playing the song now Deryck (12:57 AM): definately Justin Christmas (12:57 AM): AMC kicks ass Justin Christmas (12:57 AM): they have balls Deryck (12:57 AM): yea .on hit for shooo Deryck (12:59 AM): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wS7CZIJVxFY Justin Christmas (12:59 AM): hold on i'm reading your post Justin Christmas (1:12 AM): LOL!!! nice prayer. That should some it up for not many political followers.... to many big words. lol... very well writ-in my man! Deryck (1:12 AM): thank you thank you Justin Christmas (1:13 AM): did you get any responces to it/? Justin Christmas (1:14 AM): ope I just saw it Deryck (1:14 AM): Just one from a member Justin Christmas (1:15 AM): i think your right though about the hanging fuckers Deryck (1:15 AM): Yea we would only have to hang one or two Justin Christmas (1:16 AM): I know! those rich fuckers don't wanna die. most of em are the biggest pussies on the face of this earth Justin Christmas (1:17 AM): they would be trembling drinking there hot tea Justin Christmas (1:17 AM): lol... i can see it now Deryck (1:18 AM): yea and doing their fucking jobs. Justin Christmas (1:18 AM): yeppers Justin Christmas (1:19 AM): dude did you know Nyoko is a nude model for art classes at colleges all over the country Deryck (1:19 AM): Nice Deryck (1:20 AM): Did hit that? or was the other one? Justin Christmas (1:20 AM): she even donates her vajaja to gynecologist students Deryck (1:20 AM): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIJAfbiRX7s&feature=related Justin Christmas (1:20 AM): nope that was the other one Justin Christmas (1:20 AM): lucky fucker Justin Christmas (1:20 AM): both of em are stupid hot Deryck (1:21 AM): yea Nyoka is the bitch that is threatened by inteligence from any one but her Justin Christmas (1:23 AM): yes but still hot Justin Christmas (1:23 AM): fire in the sky was a great movie Deryck (1:24 AM): Yea i'd dick her down but be mean as hell about it! Like when I'm done,ask if she has sme homework she should be doing and then tell her i got friends coming over, so...she needs to split Justin Christmas (1:25 AM): nice richard Justin Christmas (1:25 AM): chriss farly Deryck (1:25 AM): lol Deryck (1:25 AM): lol Deryck (1:25 AM): Lets see, Moron is *here, so... we should be ... Justin Christmas (1:26 AM): that video shows shit moving in the sky Justin Christmas (1:27 AM): I've seen shit similar to it twice in my lifetime, once with Mike Jones and once with Mom Deryck (1:28 AM): I saw a light with Mars outside your old apt. so close over our heads it took up most the sky Justin Christmas (1:29 AM): Except what I saw was stationary star and then 2 or 3 of them shift to another locatiion in the sky and just stop Deryck (1:29 AM): and then shot up to a gradual point pin point and dissapeared Justin Christmas (1:29 AM): Mike and mom saw it with me at the same time Justin Christmas (1:30 AM): ya that shit is crazy Deryck (1:30 AM): zoo theory pretty much sums it up for me Justin Christmas (1:30 AM): Mars swears up and down a more intelligent beings do not exist Deryck (1:25 AM): What does he say we saw that night? Justin Christmas (1:31 AM): zoo theory? Deryck (1:31 AM): yea that and/or jungle theory Deryck (1:31 AM): google it Deryck (1:32 AM): zoo hypothesis ... sorry Deryck (1:33 AM): and or jungle hypothesis Justin Christmas (1:35 AM): yep i've thought that since i was a kid Justin Christmas (1:36 AM): me uane and brandon would talk about that type of shit Justin Christmas (1:36 AM): duane Deryck (1:37 AM): yea it seems to me ever since I found out stars were actually other suns Justin Christmas (1:37 AM): makes since Justin Christmas (1:37 AM): it's a whole sea of life out therre Justin Christmas (1:38 AM): kind of mind blowing though Deryck (1:38 AM):since then space seemed less like an abyss and more like some one was looking upn at me as I was looking up at them Justin Christmas (1:38 AM): I bet the view in space is just scary Deryck (1:40 AM): this song was used as the space stations alarm clock for a while. Deryck (1:40 AM): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RiV_ue-PbL4&feature=related Deryck (1:42 AM): I keep telling myself to set it up so i could wake up to these enlightened ideas. Deryck (1:43 AM): It gives me goose bumps Justin Christmas (1:50 AM): everytime a government answers a question about strange activities they come up with a response something like "well if we come across little green men" Justin Christmas (1:51 AM): .... Deryck (1:53 AM): Oh yea yea Deryck (1:54 AM): Never beleive the the government unless they are denying something Justin Christmas (1:54 AM): pretty much Deryck (1:54 AM): or just assume the opposite of what they say about some scandal is the truth Justin Christmas (1:55 AM): Dude I can't believe california didn't pass the weed law Deryck (1:56 AM): Fucking stoners are unreliable Justin Christmas (1:56 AM): that's a damn shame! the cops were even on board Deryck (1:56 AM): fuck em Deryck (1:57 AM): maybe next time they will set an alarm clock or something Justin Christmas (1:57 AM): hopefully Justin Christmas (1:58 AM): they just had another convention here in columbia trying to get it legal Deryck (1:58 AM): It would still take the midwest 70 years to catchh up to that kind of tolerance Deryck (1:58 AM): wont happen brother Deryck (1:59 AM): certainly not before Cali. Deryck (1:59 AM): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMcXjqUI8GQ Justin Christmas (2:00 AM): MU had a huge rally for it a couple of months ago stating if students had a choice between pot and alcohol it would be much better for the students. Saying marijuana doesn't cause students coming to class with hangovers Justin Christmas (2:00 AM): lol Justin Christmas (2:00 AM): true story Justin Christmas (2:01 AM): it was all over the news Deryck (2:02 AM): Yea now if they can bombard the media like that every few months over a few years they might have a chance Justin Christmas (2:03 AM): Have you seen Bad Leutinent with Nick Cage yet?? Deryck (2:03 AM): all they did was sell newspapers and piss off the Right Justin Christmas (2:03 AM): oh ya Justin Christmas (2:03 AM): right left who cares Deryck (2:03 AM): FUCK I forgot about that Justin Christmas (2:04 AM): i wanna tea bag the tea party Deryck (2:04 AM): Yea Deryck (2:04 AM): DUDE that would make the funniest vid ever Justin Christmas (2:05 AM): yes it would.... I would let the bags steep for a long time Justin Christmas (2:05 AM): bong Justin Christmas (2:05 AM): lol Deryck (2:05 AM): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SmvG2GZ3S7o Deryck (2:07 AM): At this moment, you should be with us. FEELING like we do. Like you LOVE to. But never will again. Justin Christmas (2:07 AM): hmm? Deryck (2:07 AM): the last song I posted Justin Christmas (2:07 AM): aw Deryck (2:08 AM): In my mellow merlot mode Deryck (1:25 AM): piss durnk really Justin Christmas (2:09 AM): I like mellow shit most of the time now... unless i'm drunk Justin Christmas (2:09 AM): or in a fuck it mood Deryck (2:12 AM): Tricia's gonna be mad that I Jimmy'd her to sleep then got up and drank all her wine. Justin Christmas (2:12 AM): lol Justin Christmas (2:13 AM): r u off probation yet?? Deryck (2:13 AM): Erotic jesus, lay with his Marys! Deryck (2:13 AM): No Deryck (2:13 AM): pe Deryck (2:14 AM): nope Justin Christmas (2:14 AM): still surpervised Justin Christmas (2:14 AM): ? Deryck (2:14 AM): yea Justin Christmas (2:14 AM): shitty Deryck (2:15 AM): havent had to see her now for 3 months tho Deryck (2:15 AM): fucking drank myself water DRUNK 3 times now for nothing Deryck (2:17 AM): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Uj4Q4zbtfM Justin Christmas (2:19 AM): due they took me off unsupervised for the tesspassing charge. went in to see my new po and she tried to get me to believe that it was wrong for me to be on her property as I knew she would. I broke out all of the missouri case law including federal law on the subject with detailed water boundary maps showing how the law governs surveyors platting. She quickly changed her attitude then told me to come back and see her in 3 months Deryck (2:22 AM): Yea their fucking tactics are as transparent as they are weak. Justin Christmas (2:22 AM): yep Justin Christmas (2:22 AM): oh well fuck it Justin Christmas (2:23 AM): it went from having to call in once a month to having to go see her in three months and then I'm off completly in march Deryck (2:25 AM): I probably wont be really let "loose" till i can bring her a employer addy & phone# Deryck (2:25 AM): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6z48rC3-4xM Justin Christmas (2:25 AM): gas station it Justin Christmas (2:26 AM): or delivery Deryck (2:26 AM): Just like slapping yourself in the face! Deryck (2:27 AM): yea. No. are you kidding me. they dont hire undesireables such as myself. Deryck (2:27 AM): round hur anywayz Justin Christmas (2:27 AM): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MEgD4Fx9SI Deryck (2:29 AM): Ive seen that. Still makes me laugh tho Justin Christmas (2:29 AM): dude that shit had me laughing so hard I was drooling Justin Christmas (2:30 AM): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMNry4PE93Y&feature=related Deryck (2:31 AM): laughing is incongruous to my mood tho Deryck (2:31 AM): Alright but next time your selection ha to groove Justin Christmas (2:32 AM): i like tutles Deryck (2:32 AM): I do too Deryck (2:33 AM): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2PdKpR9qNtg Deryck (2:33 AM): one of his last performancces Deryck (2:34 AM): he was still the only one who knew he would die soon Justin Christmas (2:34 AM): hows that Deryck (2:34 AM): kept it a secret untill the end Justin Christmas (2:34 AM): huh Deryck (2:34 AM): pancreatic cancer Justin Christmas (2:34 AM): damn Justin Christmas (2:35 AM): that's a death sentence for sure Deryck (2:35 AM): Is there a punch line coming Bill? Deryck (2:36 AM): There was a fucking a messiah if there ever was one Justin Christmas (2:36 AM): alright i'm stupid sleepy right now... i'm crashin my man Deryck (2:37 AM): yea me too after this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PX2Qu47ILEM Deryck (2:40 AM): Many! Deryck (2:40 AM): 1 thru 90? all of them!? Deryck (2:41 AM): yea there is a point Deryck (2:44 AM): I couldn't make a face like that if a car rolled over my foot Deryck (2:47 AM): go to bed Deryck (2:48 AM): I'm proud to be a part of my own act. lol Deryck (2:48 AM): night Deryck (2:50 AM): One must eat the other Who runs free before him. Put them right into his mouth While fantasizing the beauty of his movements. A sensation not unlike Slapping yourself in the face... Slapping yourself in the face... Slapping yourself in the face... Deryck (2:51 AM): yup I'm I M ing myself Deryck (2:51 AM): in the face Deryck (2:52 AM): I M ing myself in the faaaaaaaaace goodnight and may your worst days from now on be only as bad as your best yesterdays.

3 thoughts on “[SEB Guest Post] Yeah I’m a Dreamer. But I’m not the only one.

  1. If we want to make this country great and prosperous again, a good place to start would be to take the next smug miscreant asshole who is caught fleecing America from his desk at any level of government and try him then hang him. (the death penalty has been imposed on countless Americans for far lesser crimes.)

    I couldn’t agree more. In fact, we should give the program a snappy name, like “Great Cultural Revolution”. And the ones publicly on trial should have cool handles too, like “Gang Of Seven”.

    I’m with you on stopping the war on drugs though. California almost legalized marijuana. As Maxwell Smart would say; “Missed it by that much!”

  2. “Gang of Seven” Right on. Let’s start the “Great Cultural Revolution” by trying O.G. John Boehner(Boner). We know he’s just in it to fuck us.

  3. @decrepitoldfool Ok, I get it.(i think) The first part of your comment was sarcasm(?). The relevance of “Great Cultural Revolution” went over my head and I just ran with the “gang of seven” cause i knew John Boehner provided me a joke.

    Yea, No, let’s not call it the “Great Cultural Revolution” or anything as cluster fucked and mismanaged as that fiasco.
    How about something like, I don’t know, a simple understanding between the public and the politician, A new and deadly serious implementation of accountability for those who take the oath of public office. Politicians & police alike are held to higher standard but paradoxically, held to a lesser account for crimes against the people. So all I’m talking about is a law that could be printed on the steps of every Capital building House of Reps. , Senate, police station, etc., along with the potential punishment, perhaps in latin; MORTEM AD QUOD AD REM PUBLICAM ATTINET INSINCERUS., reminding them that any felonious behavior could result in their death.

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