Pomplamoose in Hyundai ads for the holidays.

One of my favorite independent musical duos are Jack and Natalie of Pomplamoose. I was aware that they had a large following on the Internet, but I didn’t think they were well known outside of that realm. So you can imagine my surprise the other day while I was watching TV when a Hyundai commercial comes on and has a couple of familiar faces in it:

Almost makes me wanna buy a Hyundai, which I’m sure is the point. It’s not hard to see why they chose Poplamoose if you’re at all familiar with their fun music videos on YouTube. What this commercials makes me want more than a Hyundai, however, is for Jack and Natalie to release a Christmas album with their takes on various holiday classics. Still, I’m glad to see them getting some attention and hope that this brings them a wider audience.

You can see the other Hyundai commercials they did below the fold.

73 thoughts on “Pomplamoose in Hyundai ads for the holidays.

  1. Love Pomplamoose, it’s awesome to see a band (with no big music corporation) making a living off of what they enjoy doing. I really like that Hyundai let them do what they do best, make music and be hella quirky and amusing doing it.

    And this explains why they haven’t posted a new song for the past couple months =P

  2. You’re in luck! Jack and Nataly have released a Christmas album . . . but you can’t buy it. The only way to get your hands on it (5 songs, all great) is to donate a book to the Richmond Book Drive.

    Give a book, get a great holiday CD!

    – Doug Allen

  3. This commercial is horrible. It’s one of those I turn my channel on. Only fans of their music would find it “cute.” Others find it annoying.

  4. I agree with Doug. The annoying rating of these ads is 10+. I don’t change channels because I like it so much when they end. I rarely google dumb stuff, but this was enough for me to google “Stupid Hyundai Song”

  5. I second that motion. I found this page by googling “who is that horrible band in that Hyundai commercial”. Seriously, that dude needs to be pummeled for playing that crap, and why is that girl so annoying looking, i just cant put it into words. I can just imagine the kind of hipster elitists that enjoy this steaming turd they’re triying to pass as music. I think poetic justice would be them performing at an urban outfitters while an American apparel truck drives through the front doors, erasing this band from my memory.

  6. Funny. I was searching for “Horrible Hyundai commercial”.

    If this is an actual band, I wish I owned their label just so I could drop them. Repeatedly. I honestly don’t know what’s worse, her bland, flat, auto-tuned voice and the perpetually retarded look on her face or douche-boy mimicking the “playing of instruments” in a fun playful fashion that serves only to confirm the obvious lack of intellect enjoyed by these two.

    And buy a hyundai? This only makes it worse, if not more impossible. Nothing like driving in rush hour behind the idiot on a cell phone piloting one of those POS…

    Please make it stop. Please.

  7. Ah, the beauties of anonymity and the internet. The ability to denigrate the achievements of others while having absolutely no basis for one’s comments.

    For example, to take your paragraph on Pomplamoose:

    “If this is an actual band (IT IS), I wish I owned their label just so I could drop them. Repeatedly. I honestly don’t know what’s worse, her bland, flat, auto-tuned (IT’S NOT) voice and the perpetually retarded look on her face or douche-boy mimicking (NOT MIMICKING. HE’S ACTUALLY PLAYING) the “playing of instruments” in a fun playful fashion that serves only to confirm the obvious lack of intellect enjoyed by these two (BOTH GRADUATED FROM AN ELITE UNIVERSITY AND HAVE BUILT A SUCCESSFUL BRAND FROM SCRATCH).”

    But hey, why let reality get in your way!

    Luckily there are people like you out there to call out bands like Pomplamoose, whose only contribution to society is to make great music, spearhead a book drive that raised 3,000+ books in a week, and be better human beings than the type of person who would write the tripe you just posted.

  8. Hey frouglas, that’s great and all that there doing a little book drive and they started a little band, but the reality of it is, not everyone’s gonna like their music. Who cares if douche-boy is actually playing the music for real? I’d still rather be chewing tin foil while giving a while tossing the salad of a wildebeest. You ask what our basis is for these comments? Who cares?? I simply found it so annoying that I put forth the effort to find out who composed this abortion of a song, and was still so bothered I figured I’d comment on it and see why kind of replies would ensue. Thankfully we’ll probably never have to share the same personal space, because we probably like the exact opposite things . Deal with it.

  9. bwahahahaha!

    Me? Professional audio engineer and studio musician for over 30 years. You clearly don’t get how audio and video productions are assembled these days. I can guarantee you that their commercial audio was not recorded live, much less them playing live instruments all together in the overdubbed and edited commercial. Another overdub project, manicured to the point of sterility, and there is clearly auto tune artifacts in the audio (even my kids pointed that out, mostly in horror at the commercial). Sorry you can’t hear it, and only the mixer knows for sure.

    Great, you say, a “real band”. A ‘real band” that plays all of the instruments at once, or overdubs them in a studio environment? Hey, I only have a few gold records on my walls for playing with some actual musicians, but good for them for having a degree to fall back on. Additionally, good for them for getting a book drive together. I’m sure they’re swell people if you can stomach their smarminess and complete lack of originality as it pertains to music.

    People will buy anything, Lady Gaga, new country and Justin Beiber are certainly cashing in that fact. In two years, see how these two are doing. Strong Bad kicks their asses, and he’s an online fictional character. Trogdor indeed.

    It still, above anything else, doesn’t mean these two are making anything that remotely resembles art, so quit trying to call your unleaded gasoline a single malt scotch. Miles Davis to Tchaikovsky to Steely Dan to Roxy Music to Vince Guaraldi to Nirvana they ain’t.

    Boohoo, someone thinks your fave band sucks. I also wouldn’t have to look too hard to find someone who thinks the artists listed above suck. But there’s an educated difference, and I additionally don’t think you’ll have to look too hard to find more people who absolutely detest those idiots and their banal commercial where they sell out to an overseas car maker.

    Kevin sums things up nicely.

    Get over it.


  10. I think it’s funny that I was just trying to find the name of the band as well and just concluded reading all this jargon. “I’m an expert” “I can’t differentiate between there, their, and they’re.” such negativity makes me wish people would just keep their pompous and uneducated opinions to themselves. Nobody likes the same thing. People are so damned rude.

  11. Crunch – you are a douchebag. You sound like I did when I was 16, which was 20 years ago, when if it wasn’t punk rock, it utterly sucked. Grow up. You sound like the time warped idiot who pulls up to the high school in his ’84 camaro blasting Sytx, punching people who walk by.

    Annoying or not, it’s a freakin’ commercial. If you go to Pomplamooses’ youtube page, you can see all sorts of songs they have recorded. Like it or not, it takes some talent to record a catchy jingle, even a simple pop song.


  12. For all the yuppie-ism in these commercials, alls I can say is, that something makes me want to have sex with this woman. And I actually searched “I want to have sex with the girl in the Hyundai holidays commercial” so you can all argue who’s a good artist/philanthropist I just want to do naughty things even though(apparently) most find her annoying to this girl! I hope your happy with yourselves!

  13. Yeah I also stumbled on this because I had to google who did the horrible Hyundai commercial. It’s really annoying.

  14. Wow! This thread really pulled in some new visitors!
    SEB must be high on google’s page rankings, huh?

    Ya’ll have a Happy Festivus, ya hear?


  15. This commercial represents much of what I hate about modern music. Manufactured crap that is more technology than talent is the best way to describe it. I’m certainly not any kind of expert when it comes to music but I know what I think sounds good and what doesn’t. Auto-tune and other tools similar to it have ruined music. “Auto-tune the news” is a perfect example about how any nerd with a computer can take anything and make it sound like “music”. Call me crazy but I miss the music where it was about one’s talent and not the “look” of the performer.

    Oh..and im only 25 so you really can’t call me an old fogey when it comes to this. I think the same thing about music of the 90’s when I was growing up.

  16. I’ve been following Pomplamoose for a long time and while they do use technology to modify their sound, I don’t think they’re using autotune.

    Not that it matters much to me either way. If they are using autotune it still sounds a shitload better than most of the other artists that use it. And anyone who questions their talent hasn’t been by their YouTube channel to see their other works.

    I don’t really care if no one else likes their music or not, but to say they don’t have any talent just because you don’t like their style is pretty petty of you folks.

  17. I enjoy these commercials every time I see them! They seem to be having a blast. I love these guys. I was just curious who the heck they were.

  18. I have to say that I did find this site by writing “Who are those two idiots in the Hundai commercial’ (Hell I don’t think I typed Hunday correctly, somebody crucify me right quick….Hyundai HA! but I had to peek). I am glad to find it was an actual recognized duo, as opposed to just some advertising agents idea of being original. The adds are terribly annoying, but I am not goign to hate…I think I outgrew that habit about 10 seconds ago, lol

  19. hahah I’m so glad I’m not the only who absolutely hates these commercials!! So much, that I don’t even know what irks me enough to go online and search why I’m having rage towards these obnoxious commercials! It’s hilarious, I’m glad I’m not alone. I wanna punch both of them out for no reason!

  20. I am from Boston so please excuse my frankness: This Pomplemoose duo makes me want to puke! Is Hyundai serious??? I know they make good “jap crap” cars but I don’t think I will ever buy one after seeing that commercial. UGH!I think I rather watch/listen to Barry Manilow!

  21. I would like to aid on the side of Crunch. I believe his/her assumptions of this band are correct. This sucky band otherwise known as Pomplamoose are a bunch of hacks. The 2 talentless ass clowns that make up this band somehow got a gig with Hundai. I dislike the band so much when I hear their awful commercials that felt the need to go out on the net and find other people that disliked them as much as I do. Yes they suck, they sound like the douchey bands that play in those shitty hipster bars in Williamsburg Brooklyn. I love Williamsburg and the bars but I can’t stand the douchey hipsters and the sucky music they listen to.
    I would also like to say that LES, JASON and frouglas are the kind of people the world could do with out and hopefully they each slit their wrists and die a painful death.
    To end, Pomplamoose is a shitty band and only low life scum sucking douches like their music. So if you like their music or like their Hundai commercials the you are useless on this planet. Kill yourself and blow up your hundai.

  22. I found this site by searching: “who are the idiots in those hyundai commercials.” Pretty hilarious. I also find the woman, who I have learned is named Natalie, is weirdly attractive. Keep rocking Natalie, but try doing it naked and not singing stupid Christmas songs.


  23. The Hyundai commercial is the most irritating commercial I have ever seen. Her motionless retro face makes me cringe.

  24. Like many of the rest of you, I Googled annoying Hyundai commercial. I never Google commercials I hate, only the ones I like. Such a dreadfully annoying commercial (and song). I’m ashamed to admit that the face she’s making and angle of the shot makes me want to punch her lights out.

  25. I dunno. I’m indifferent about the commercials. Most commercials this time of year are annoying.

    I looked for this website ‘cuz I never saw the singer before and thought she was pretty cute and I was trying to find out who she was.

  26. I hate this commercial as much as I’ve ever hated anything. I came here by Googling “annoying hyundai ads,” and was overwhelmed by the number of web pages that came up.

    I’m glad that I’m not alone. I am glad that there are other people who want to punch these 2 in the face. Especially the girl – please get that dumb look off of her face.

  27. That girl looks like Justin Beiber. And yes like most of you I would love to sock her right in the face. POW!!! Right when she’s facing the camera with that stupid look. I really hate that commercial and that band.

  28. I love how most of the comments are from people who HATE this commercial and googled it. I AM ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE. Seriously, I hate using this word but they are so hipster and think they are SO CUTE and IRONIC and she is such a cute and quirky girl with an independent, counterculture spirit that hopefully some people will want to have sex with or something. OH MY GOD

  29. also an “annoying hyundai commercial” googler. I hate this commercial so much and of course it is on TV every 5 minutes. This music is such garbage, I now hate the associated Christmas songs that they’ve butchered. she is annoying, he is gay and annoying and I wish they’d both jump off a cliff. Her expressions are so stupid and empty, I would join the mob in pounding these two into dust. And anyone on this site that has purchased music by these two, do us a favor and kill yourself.

  30. And Les, you may want to get checked for an inner ear infection. This is clearly bad music as is the rest of Pomlemooseshit’s catalog. This phony dipshit attitude of theirs is just so lame, it would take a mental defective to enjoy it and sit their clapping with a stupid grin on their face while listening to this garbage.

  31. I ran across the commercial flipping channels, they seem to be enjoying life and have great chemistry. She is such a cutie and they both seem to have endless energy……THANKS FOR PUTTING A SMILE ON MY FACE everytime I see the commercials.

    I realize we all have different tastes in music, but we can be respectful when making comments.

    Pomplamoose…..THANKS for the up-beat sound. Hope you come to Reno for a concert soon!!!!!

  32. Damn, they just won’t stop playing this annoying commercial. I’m sick and tired of getting ear- raped by this crap. It’s so interesting how people that like pumpthemoose or other bands of this species always have to whine that some of us aren’t so nice and respectful in our comments. You really don’t get it, huh? You see, this kind of music just fills me with anger, like I just wanna punch the next person I see in the neck. I don’t think I’ve had music affect me in such an adverse manner since the polyphonic spree. Why would someone who disliked a band so much take the time to log on and write some lukewarm comments about it? That’s not interesting at all, besides I feel like I need to cleanse myself of the garbage I just endured once again by telling others how I feel. And apparently there are a lot of people who feel the same way.

    And I almost forgot, a “pumpthemoose concert in Reno”. Holy crap, I couldn’t think o f anything worse. Besides maybe a nickelback show in Gary Indiana.

  33. Just a quick note on autotune: This is something that used to be solely used to “tune” things “automatically.” It was used to put out of tune vocals in tune (mostly vocals, but also other instruments). It was only later that the same tool started being used as a vocal effect that pretty much every pop act these days uses in some form or another (T-Pain, Cher, Lil’ John, etc., are examples). So, chances are that this lame band is using autotune whether you hear it or not. In fact, autotune used to be used in such a way that they did not intend for you to hear its effects. In other words, it was a secret; something like saying, “yes, I can actually sing in tune (even though I can’t).” In short, arguing about whether or not they use autotune is futile.

    Regardless, these guys are lame and way to precious to be stomached.

    And, Kevin, sometimes I see myself as a hipster elitist (if not always a hipster, definitely an elitist) and I take offense to your comment that people like me would like this drivel.

  34. Kevin, you are my hero! I hate these clowns as much as I loath Nickelback. What you said is pretty much how I feel about this band and that awful commercial. I despise these fuckers and I want the world to know about it. It makes me feel a great sense of relief when I express my anger about these talentless hacks.

  35. I hate these hipsters!

    They try so hard to be quirky and ironic. She looks like she wants to tell me about an essay she just read at her favorite fair-trade cafe or how I need to see this amazing French movie that nobody has ever heard of.

  36. The thing that will really get your head spinning is that it would all be dismissed as background music if the commercial didn’t feature the band so prominently ….

  37. Not surprising given the facts of my previous post. Tell us, do you sit there clapping with a stupid grin on your face and drool running down your chin when this commercial comes on?

  38. Actually, I rarely watch commercials as I make heavy use of the fast-forward button on my DVR and rarely watch anything “live” anymore.

    That said, I am subscribed to their YouTube Channel and am always pleased when they put out a new song be it original or a cover. And, yes, I did donate a book so I could download the Christmas songs. I enjoy their music and videos and I make no apologies for that.

  39. Wow, if you’re claiming elitist or hipster status, then I’m glad you’re offended. In fact, please let me know if there is any other way I could offend you. Elitists are bad enough without claiming that status, but you’re embracing it?!? Wow.

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