My score in “Call of Duty: Black Ops” is worse than usual…

Got a review copy of CoD: Black Ops and I’m playing through both the single and multiplayer to get a feel for writing a review. My score in the multiplayer matches has been quite a bit worse than what I was managing under Modern Warfare 2 and I’d like to say it’s entirely due to it being a new game or the known performance issues on the PC version of the game, but it turns out there’s an entirely different reason:

Pic of Cuddles the kitten.

I can haz noob tube?

It’s some weird tiger-stripped tumor on my left arm interfering with my mad keyboard skillz. This is at least a little better than when he tries to help by walking across my keyboard as I’m trying to shoot someone. Say what you will about Melvin sitting in front of my monitor, but at least he never walks across my keyboard. Nor does he have to investigate every single mug of coffee or glass of soda I have sitting on my desk.

Still, hard to be annoyed at something so damned cute.

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