I voted today. Have you?

Pic of Vote logo.

All the cool kids are doing it. You should too.

And I voted for a Republican for Governor! *GASP!* I’ll explain more later as I’m short on time right now, but I did vote for Democrats for Congress.

Regardless of whether you vote for Democrats, Republicans, or some third party you should do your civic duty and make sure to vote. Yes, even those of you who I would rather not bother to vote should still do it as it’s vital to a healthy democratic government.

So if you haven’t already then get off your ass and down to your local polling station and cast your vote. It’ll make you look informed and sexy even if you’re not.

4 thoughts on “I voted today. Have you?

  1. Just got done voting for the Communist Party… I mean, the Democrats… I hope they don’t lose as much as predicted. Should be interesting. I look forward to voting against Palin/Romney/whatever nut job/narcissist the Republicans put up two years from now.

  2. My wife and I voted. We sure as hell weren’t going to let those whackjobs Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman take over–at least not without a fight.

  3. Here in Saskatoon we get most of our American big network TV from Detroit, with Fox being the exception. We get it form Rochester, NY. So I’ve been seeing Michigan political ads for the past few weeks as I’ve watched Jeopardy each night. Very disturbing how much time the candidates spend telling you how evil the other guy is. Not to mention that you guys vote for judges and other legal posts, and those races seem every bit as partisan and nasty as the rest. The last thing I’d want if I was in legal trouble is facing a judge who might have his decisions influenced by whether they’ll help his reelection campaign.

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