“This is Halloween” neighborhood light show.

Over years past I’ve posted video clips of houses decked out in Christmas lights set to music which has become an increasingly popular trend. I should’ve figured someone would apply it to Halloween as well.

This is from last year which means this has been happening for awhile and I’m only just now noticing it:

Man I wish I had the creativity and skill to do something like that.

That and a house to do it with.

Updated: My brother-in-law sent me the link to their 2010 show featuring Michael Jackson’s Thriller:

7 thoughts on ““This is Halloween” neighborhood light show.

  1. My manager told my you can buy these devices that you plug lights into. They are control boards of some kind and have a USB out connection that goes to a computer. Then on the computer you choose your music and BAM!

  2. AWESOME! Making other people happy – what a novel idea! Now if we could just infect a few other people with this virus . .


  3. Virus related, Leguru – I would very much appreciate a virus that specifically targeted those boards. 🙂

    Replaces the song of your choice with Aqua – Doctor Jones, or something equally irritating, and loads up some sequencing without knowing which lights it will affect…

  4. I think people who feel the need to decorate there homes with CHRISTMAS lights for every holliday are stupid and lame! All you are doing is making Christmas not as interesting. You people are taking something that most people look foward to all year long and turning into an every few weeks changing of the colors and it is just dumb! A pink blinking house for Halloween WOW, Im sure your wife and daughters love your blinking Barbie house!

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