Some dudes marry dudes. Get over it. – FCKH8

Lots of F-bombs in this video, but it’s a message worth hearing just the same. Definitely NSFW or the homophobic:

Don’t know too much about the group behind this yet, but I’m intrigued. You can check them out at their site:  FCKH8.

5 thoughts on “Some dudes marry dudes. Get over it. – FCKH8

  1. Greg Giraldo did a bit that made me laugh so hard that,for a moment, fatal hilarity entered my mind. He said, “I’m all for gay marriage. Personally I’m sick of their happy go lucky attitudes…idk it may be great…Hell too bad i was born straight. Can you imagine being married to a man and all the words you share with him are interpreted EXACTLY the way you intended them too?! WoW…You Know. In the car on a weekend, your man turns to you and and asks, ‘do you remember what you said to my mother after that fiasco about this time last year?’,No. And he’s like, ‘Yea. No. Me neither…I’m a guy. Hey lets listen to some music and actually be able to enjoy this really nice day.'”

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  3. I love this!

    Not sure about so much of the swearing, maybe a little less…  but I love the FCKH8 campaign!

    Nothing like ripping the piss out of Republicans to prove a point! xD

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