Four-year-old boy given shotgun shell to play with shoots his mother.

Sometimes you have to wonder how we’ve survived this long as a species:

Four-Year-Old Boy Shoots Mother With Shotgun – Seattle News – The Daily Weekly.

A 23-year-old Kitsap woman was taken to the hospital yesterday with non-life-threatening injuries after her four-year-old son shot her in the side with a semiautomatic shotgun.

The woman told detectives that she didn’t hear the boy loading the weapon because she had her back turned and was talking on the phone. She also said she had no idea how he got access to the shotgun. But she does know how he got the cartridge.

According to the Kitsap County police, the boy’s father had given him the cartridge earlier after the child had shown an interest in firearms. (Well, duh.) Apparently the gift did not also include a stern warning about how he shouldn’t use it to shoot his mother.

Which just proves God doesn’t exist. If there were a God the kid would’ve shot the Dad instead for being dumb enough to give a 4-year-old a shotgun shell and easy access to the weapon.

3 thoughts on “Four-year-old boy given shotgun shell to play with shoots his mother.

  1. You know, I gotta hand it to the kid. At four years old, daddy gave him a shell to play with. And he did. He walked right over to the shotgun, loaded it up and fired!

    I shouldn’t laugh, because it’s a small (though major) oversight not to give the kid the lecture, right then and there, when he gets the shell.

    But, I mean, he did exactly as he was told… Sounds like a good kid, but seriously absent-minded parenting.

  2. Colour me skeptical. Could a four year old actually properly load a shotgun, cock it, and fire it at the right angle to hit his mother? To do so he would have to load the shell into the gun in the right direction, get it far enough into the magazine to reach the feed ramp, pull on the right lever to cock the gun, and hold up 5 to 10 pounds of gun at the right angle to hit mom. And this assumes the safety wasn’t on when the kid played with the shotgun. I’m not convinvced a typical four year old could do all that. My guess is what really happened is that the idiots had the shotgun lying around the house loaded with the safety off. Either the kid did pull the trigger or the gun fell and somehow discharged, and the parents came up with the “juniour loaded the gun” story to cover their asses.

  3. tim:

    How could you assume that parents of a four-year-old would be so irresponsible as to blame the boy for some accident? Wait – the father gave him a shell to play with? Did I say “irresponsible?”


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