WTF indeed!

I’ve often had this reaction to some church banners, but you’d think there would be at least one person attending that church who could explain to them what WTF is commonly assumed to stand for:

Pic of church banner WTF

Image from timastevens at and discovered by Almighty God.

31 thoughts on “WTF indeed!

  1. Maybe they know and want to grab your attention- lets face it, you’ve posted a picture

  2. I had a moment like that once, when I was at a ball game watching a pair of AAA teams play. At one railing, the fans would flip over a placard whenever the pitcher scored a strikeout. I just happened to look up at that set of seats when a fan, a black fellow, just finished creating “KKK.” As I said, I had a momentary freakout there before reality set back in.

  3. Dude. WTF indeed.

    I GO to the University of New Mexico, ie UNM, (where this is located) and just saw this (in person) the other day, and guess what, I took a picture of it.. I had considered sending it to you.. Guess someone beat me!!

    LMAO, you guys wouldn’t believe how many christian, uh, organizations there are at UNM.. It’s disturbing as on Rush day or Freshman day they are out in force, making the lives of rationalists who just want to go to class miserable.. Too damned funny!

  4. As my wife put it, “You’d think they would have chosen OMG, that would have been more appropriate”

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  7. haha i go to UNM too. the other day they were handing out flyers and free otter pops. i’m an atheist but i asked for an otter pop anyway. and then i laughed at their hilarious sign.

    these groups do get really annoying though. especially when they try to survey me and don’t have any free otter pops.

  8. i saw that the other day too, it was lolz x) almost took a picture. i like it when they put up wonderful pictures of aborted fetuses on 50 ft tall signs. beauty indeed

  9. Well, Les. They do look shopped on to me. I’m not saying they are, but they look that way. Remember, there will always be people wanting to jump on the bandwagon and say “I SAW TAHT IN PERSON LOLZ!!!”. I’m not saying it’s fake, but take the testimonials with a grain of salt, mmmkay?

  10. Fair enough and if the comment had come from someone who wasn’t a long time SEB regular I’d be more inclined to discount it, but LegacyABQ has been around these parts for a long time and I can’t see any reason they’d lie to us about it.

  11. rationalists who just want to go to class miserable..

    Wondering why rationalist want to be miserable?

  12. I think what they’re doing is pretty amazing. I’ve seen this picture on several other blogs in the past few months and it’s getting all kinds of hype. I’d rather go to a church that isn’t afraid to be radical than a boring run of the mill church, wouldn’t you?

    Plus, they know exactly what WTF is all about. Check out their website,

  13. Best way to protect an endangered species. If there’s a way to make money out of them, then someone will work out how to breed ’em.

    More roast panda, anyone?

  14. I love stumbling. Why is it that the comments are always more entertaining than the article itself?

  15. For the record, the WTF was intentional on the part of the design team for this organization. Obviously, it’s an attention-grabber! 🙂

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