Sometimes mockery is the only appropriate response to idiocy.

If you’ve been paying attention the news lately you already know that the assholes at the Dove World Outreach Center plan on burning Korans on 9/11.  This has garnered them no small amount of media attention spurred on in part by their ongoing refusal to submit to appeals from other Christian groups and even the U.S. military to cancel their hateful event. Normally this pissant little church would be soundly ignored by the rest of American society, but they’re benefiting from the easily exploitable nature of the anniversary of 9/11. A day so emotionally charged in the U.S. psyche that it doesn’t take much manipulation to capture all the attention you could ever want even if you’re a bunch of ass-backwards losers who probably have trouble walking and chewing gum at the same time. Just ask the Tea Baggers Party how helpful it’s been for them.

And the truth is they have a Constitutionally protected right to be assholes in the name of Jesus if they are dead set upon doing so, which it appears they are. All you can do at that point is exercise your own right to Free Speech with a little well deserved mockery. Which is what the talented D.C. Douglas has done. Check it:

Honestly, I’m rather surprised they haven’t reached out to their fellow assholes in the Phelps clan to set up an event just like this. Well, perhaps without the cannibalism. They don’t really seem like they want to eat the sinners. Imagine the media attention they’d get with a Dr. Terry/Fed Phelps tag-team catch match!

Found over at Boing Boing.

33 thoughts on “Sometimes mockery is the only appropriate response to idiocy.

  1. Let’s see, Terry Jones, Jim Jones, naah, couldn’t be related, could they? Flavor Aid all around! (You do know it wasn’t Kool Aid, right?)


    Dove World Outreach??? As in a bar of Dove to clean their mouths??? Inquiring minds want to know.


  2. Just to stir up the situation, would like to see a religious book burning open to all located somewhere near the Dove Center, can just imagine how apoplectic those of a religious persuasion would get watching bibles, scriptures, holy texts Etc burn.

    Somehow it isn’t hard to imagine the double standards they would no doubt want to employ when it’s their own religion that comes under attack.

    Then again maybe not, there is always some nut with a gun that can’t see the irony and thinks it’s OK to send others to meet their maker even when they don’t believe in one.

  3. EyesOnly, I’m against book burnings of any kind pretty much on principle. And, as you point out, these people are too clueless to understand the irony.

  4. I’m opposed to book burnings too, but on principle I support people’s right to burn shit they like (or dislike.) What I’d like, just for equality’s sake though, is for a bunch of Christians to burn the Bible in protest next to this church. Because even as an atheist I’m fairly certain it isn’t the book itself that’s important unless it’s being used as a giant fuck you sign to someone. Christians burning their own holy book to highlight HOW FUCKING STUPID these guys are would be delicious… Just like I’d love for some Christians to step up and donate some cash to the Burlington Coat Factory Youth Center in Manhattan. Because while I’m not religious, I kind of think these are the sorts of things the actual idealism of the religion would foster instead of the oppression and hatred that it so often becomes associated with.

  5. Honestly, I’m rather surprised they haven’t reached out to their fellow assholes in the Phelps clan to set up an event just like this.

    I understand Shirley Phelps-Roper is cheesed because the Phelps clan burned a Koran years ago and nobody paid attention. Poor little attention whores.

  6. According to the NYT the pastor has canceled the Qur’an burning. I would say “good for him” but it was such a dumb idea to have in the first place. I could care less about the Qur’an itself, of course, but it would have put Americans abroad at risk.

    At any rate, glad that this did not go too far. He is also apparently going to meet with the imam who is building the Islamic Center at Ground Zero. Hopefully that will have a positive result.

  7. Ok, I am not religious at all. I will defend this christian guy indirectly. I personally don’t care if he burns a book but here are some thoughts to be considered.

    christian church plans to burn koran = fear of muslims worldwide will become violent and hurt/kill

    dutch (I think dutch) newspaper runs “anti-muslim” comic = muslims around the world became violent, people were hurt, threats of death

    muslim leaders claim they will turn a country into a muslim state = no response

    anti-muslim MP calls islam culture retarded and violent = muslim leader utters public death threat

    what I’m saying is, dump the pc attitude and look at what’s going on as opposed to what seems right or nice. if you say each society has its radicals, I say fine. let’s assume they each society has the same proportion of radicals. one of those societies appears way more violent than the other. we all have to admit that cultures are all different. we also need to admit that just like people we all meet in life, we don’t get along with everybody and there are those people we ought to and do stay away from. cultures are no different.

  8. Follow up: Apparently the (obviously crazy) Pastor claimed that there was a deal set; he would not burn the Qur’ans if the imam would move the location of the Islamic Center. There of course was no deal and the imam had never heard of this.

    Either way, I hope that he holds to not burning the Qur’ans. Strange story that continues to get stranger… and stupider.

  9. Not to toot my own horn too much, but less than 24 hours after I posted this Pastor Terry Jones announced he was calling off the book burning. Of course he claims it’s because he was promised that the Islamic center near Ground Zero in New York would be moved and that he was meeting with officials from said center to discuss it, but that appears to be news to the Islamic center officials:

    Jones said he would call off the event but then seemed to be changing his mind later Thursday. During the afternoon, Jones said he canceled his plan to burn copies of the Quran, based on what he said were assurances that the Islamic center in New York would be moved.

    Late Thursday, Jones said he would “rethink our position” after Musri said he had never given Jones that assurance.

    Jones, leader of the Gainesville, Florida-based Dove World Outreach Center, also announced he will travel Saturday to New York to meet with the religious leader behind the planned center, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, about a new location.

    But that, too, was questioned.

    Rauf and Musri have both said no agreement on a meeting or relocation of the mosque had been reached.

    We all know the real reason he called it off. Fear the power of SEB!

  10. I would sooner believe that the mighty power of SEB stopped him than that there was some kind of secret deal with Feisal Abdul Rauf. He wants people to believe that a New York imam, in charge of a controversial, multi-million dollar, high-profile project, is going to change up his whole project to make a side deal appeasement for some loudmouth in Florida over a few burned books….riiiiiight…does this asshole sell shares in the Brooklyn Bridge to senile pensioners in his spare time, as well? The saddest part is that at least a few morons will probably believe him, or at least pretend to, just so they can talk shit about that dirty, lying, two-timing muslim.

    I have no real respect for either of them, their stupid, shitty beliefs, their fiction-based “cultures”, their stupid fucking churches, or their imaginary friends in the sky. But I would love to know why a man who, according to conservative christians, represents an evil, violent culture and is trying to plant a “mosque of conquest” on the site of a muslim massacre to spite americans, is capable of sounding fairly sane, reasonable, tolerant, and civilized, while everyone I’ve heard complaining about the mosque sounds, at the very best, like over-privileged whiners who think that their hurt feelings should trump the constitution, and at worst, a brainless mob of potentially violent bigots with delusions of grandeur and superiority who obviously do not regard their fellow humans as humans at all unless they are also white conservative christian uber-patriots?

    I’m not saying I want to visit Iran any time soon-I despise most aspect of conservative muslim culture as much as anyone- but am I the only one who thinks that on the whole, Americans are being just as shitty, just as bigoted, just as irrational as our enemies, and with pretty much no real excuses? We don’t have the huge levels of poverty, illiteracy, or crushing dictatorships to make us feel like victims, and neither do we have groups of self-appointed moral police killing apostates, or massive internal strife and religion-based civil war(not yet, anyway)…and I’m just talking about the “culture war” aspect, not even considering the fact that we have in fact murdered many thousands of times more muslims than muslims have americans!

    Sorry to rant, but damn it all, Americans have had over 200 years of relative peace, freedom, and incredible prosperity in which to do a bit of growing up…and apparently, all it takes is twelve guys and an airplane to bring us down to the level of those we look down on. Ten more years of Fox “News”, religious revivals, and other far-right indoctrination in America, and I bet a muslim could start an all-out holy war with christian america just by cutting a fart inside a wal-mart snack bar.

  11. not to complain, I’ve loved this blog for years now, but the “edit comments” feature is quite frustrating…I’ve tried to use it a few times since you changed hosts, but when I try to scroll down to edit my comment, it just scrolls up again and again and again, all on its own…I can only use it if what I want to edit is in the first four or five lines of the comment, if I try to go lower it just won’t stay put.

    Perhaps a subtle way of discouraging multiple-paragraph rants such as the ones I usually submit?;)

  12. …and after I complain about it, it works perfectly…for some reason, it seems to work better for me if I wait until it’s almost too late to edit…I did notice that the time it worked, the countdown timer did not appear below the “edit comment” field as it had before…maybe my computer or browser just can’t handle both the editing and the timer at the same time…? No idea…
    Sorry for the triple-dip, but that’s all from me…I’m off for the weekend!

  13. It seems to work fine for some folks (it’s never given me a problem in any of the browsers I’ve tried it in) and others have issues. It uses jQuery to do it’s thing so maybe it’s more complicated than it’s worth.

    I’ll see if I can’t find a better edit comments option for WordPress.

  14. I find it odd that when PZ Myers took his liberties with the Catholic’s magic wafers, everybody was okay with it. When somebody announced he’d burn the Muslim’s magic book, everybody is up in arms, including apparently PZ Myers. Why is it okay to mess with the Catholics, but not with Muslims? Is it because the Catholics don’t count, is it because everybody is afraid of the adherents of the religion of peace to unleash even more violence, or is there some kind of political correctness at play?

    Even Texas Gov. Perry defends burning the Quoran as objectionable, but protected by the First Amendment. IIRC this was the same answer PZ Myers’ college administration gave to Catholics way back when.

    So please, somebody explain to me where the outrage comes from, because I just don’t get the hypocrisy.

  15. It’s not so much the burning of the Korans I have a problem with as it is the date they chose to do it. And, truth be told, I’m not even all that outraged by that. I think they’re being assholes for the sake of publicity and that’s irritating to some degree, but I fully stand by their right to be assholes if they wish to do so.

    Doesn’t mean they’re exempted from mockery though.

  16. I suppose Catholics should take it as a compliment that no one expects Americans abroad to be murdered in Italy or France or Mexico because Myers stuck a nail in a wafer. But some Muslims might use this to inflame people against Americans, and it was not that long ago that people were getting killed in the aftermath of the Danish cartoon controversy or that people were getting threatened because of the Southpark/Muhammad controversy. It was Gen. Petraeus who said that this could put Americans at risk, and the President echoed him; I think that is what gives the story most of its weight.

    As Les said, I personally could care less about the Qur’an itself. I do care for the safety of Americans abroad, particularly in the Armed Forces. That is not to suggest that Muslim terrorists need an excuse or that they aren’t already dangerous, but when you have Americans showing this kind of disregard it is troubling. However, no one is saying that they don’t have a right to burn the Qur’an; I certainly think they do.

  17. Elwedriddsche

    PZ’s stunt was not a deliberate act of provocation, but rather a response to a bunch of Catholics who were demanding that others take their holy objects seriously. PZ would never have desecrated that communion wafer(and Koran – don’t forget, PZ ALSO desecrated a Koran – so your implied charge that PZ was scared to offend Muslims is rubbish (and, as PZ said himself, not a single death threat from a Muslim, yet plenty from “good, honest Christians”), and destroyed some pages of “The God Delusion”) had it not been for a bunch of Christians trying to destroy the life of a college student. The simple fact that PZ did not target only one religion, and the fact that his actions were a philosophical defence of another make this very different from the “burn a koran day” crowd, who seek only to offend.

    I hope you can see the difference between these two situations.

  18. YMO, nope, still no difference that I can see.

    A “philosophical defence”? Give me a break. PZM’s stunt was a deliberate act of provocation and sought only to offend. “Up yours, Catholics, and here’s one for the Muslims, too.”

    By the way, I don’t know where you get the idea that I implied that PZM was scared to offend Muslims. Whatever.

  19. Elwedriddsche said;

    By the way, I don’t know where you get the idea that I implied that PZM was scared to offend Muslims.

    and earlier said;

    Why is it okay to mess with the Catholics, but not with Muslims? Is it because the Catholics don’t count, is it because everybody is afraid of the adherents of the religion of peace to unleash even more violence, or is there some kind of political correctness at play?

    PZ DID “mess with Muslims” as you put it. He wasn’t afraid. Of course, maybe PZ doesn’t fit into the category of “everyone”. It is certainly okay to mess with both Catholics AND Muslims (as PZ often does). The difference comes down to who started it. PZ’s protest was just that, a protest, to demonstrate that he, and everyone else, has the right not to take your holy items seriously. This guy Terry Jones has no such lofty goals – his point is not to bring individual human rights to the attention of some people who desperately need it (if it was, he’d have me as a supporter), but is rather doing this solely for the purpose of offense.

    PZ’s goal was the highlighting of constitutionally protected freedoms. Offense was a side effect (a rather easily anticipated side-effect, but there you go). Jones’ goal is simply to cause trouble, offense is the sole purpose.

    By the way, I’m not particularly outraged by Jones’ actions. No-one on this thread does seem particularly perturbed. I don’t see where you get that idea from.

    [edit] PZ’s own words;

    “I publicly destroyed a communion wafer once (OK, a few times). There was a simple reason for it: a few Catholics had responded hysterically to a student who didn’t swallow a wafer with harrassment and threats, and I was demonstrating that that was not acceptable — religious believers may not demand that non-believers grant the same reverence to their rituals and beliefs that they have. Jones’s motivation seems to be more of a fundie head-butt to Moslems while expecting a greater respect for his Bible, but he’s still right — Moslems cannot demand that Christians love their doctrines (and vice versa).”

    Where is this outrage that you speak of?

  20. Elwedriddsche

    How is that selective quoting? One of my quotes (of you) is a full single line paragraph, while he other is a half a paragraph. I have not altered your words, and you haven’t told me that I have changed the meaning (which I specifically tried not to do), so I cannot see how this is selective.

    As for the Myers’ quote, again, it is a full paragraph.

    Other than that, you stated that everyone was too afraid to make fun of the Muslims, or to deface their holy things. You had mentioned Myers in the same paragraph, which suggests that you believe Myers did not desecrate the Koran out of fear. Why don’t you try reading your comment again, with fresh eyes. It certainly looks to me like you accuse PZ of offending the Catholics but being afraid to do the same with the Muslims. I appreciate you might not see that, it is often hard to see when a part of our writing is obscure to another, because it seems clear to us.

  21. True enough, though I don’t think it’s the most effective way to bring about changes to the tax code. I mean, sure, it’s a means of protesting it, but I don’t have a big problem with paying taxes in general. Just with some of the uses they’re put to.

  22. This incident really highlights how insanely stupid religion is. That people will kill others because they are offended by the actions of one man is insane. Get a grip people, I assume Terry Jones owns these books. Provided he is not breaching any local fire laws he can burn what he likes. It harms no-one. Same deal with the mosque near ground zero. Assuming the muslim group own the land, they can build whatever they want to build on it provided they have the appropriate planning approval. Same deal, who is harmed, it’s just a building.

    Stop being manipulated by religious bigots and think for yourselves.

  23. Stop being outraged Steve! Elwedriddsche is not impressed by your outrage there!


  24. Well elwe, you come here talking about outrage, but NO-ONE here is outraged in the slightest! I gave you the chance to explain yourself, but you refused and accused me of mis-quoting you. I asked for explanation, but none was forthcoming.

    I shall wear the badge of being called a twit by you with a huge amount of pride. Almost as if I was called dishonest by Kent Hovind.

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