Puttering around with SEB.

You may have noticed that I’ve removed the ability to edit comments for the moment. The Ajax based plugin I was using wasn’t working for everyone and it’s since gone commercial. I’ve yet to find an alternative solution that is both 1) updated relatively recently and 2) easy to install. The one prospect I did find requires adding code directly to the template files and this template is complex enough that doing that is no small undertaking. So, for the moment, make use of the Preview function before hitting submit.

Other things I’m toying around with is trying to work in some alternative methods of allowing sign-ins when commenting. There are plugins that allow you to validate via your Facebook/Twitter/OpenID/Google FriendConnect accounts. Alas, the ones that seem to support everything tend to be commercial options requiring me to sign up with an external service which I’m trying to avoid. The other option is to use several different plugins for each platform I’d like to support which also is unappealing. So I’m poking around a number of other sites to see what they’re using these days.

Which all brings me back to one of my issues with WordPress. There’s a ton of plugins out there most of which are so far behind the current version of WP that it’s questionable whether or not they’ll even work. Even if they are compatible with the current version they may or may not work properly with the theme you’re using. And even if they do work with the theme you’re using there’s no guarantee they won’t conflict with each other. Sometimes it’s possible to have too much choice.

Still, that’s what makes being a blogger a challenge I suppose. The hours spent reading through plugin descriptions. Testing them out. Google searches to see what others are using. Etc. I’ve found a pretty decent Facebook Connect plugin that I’ll probably try sometime soon. Not only will it allow you to login using your FB credentials, but it’ll put your FB avatar in the comment and allow you to post it back to your statues updates if you wish.

Oh, almost forgot to mention that the About tab actually has content in it now. I found that I had written an About SEB entry back in 2007 so I moved the content up there where it won’t be so lonely. It’s horribly out of date, but at least it’s more than one sentence now.

2 thoughts on “Puttering around with SEB.

  1. Well, best of luck, I’m sure you’ll figure it out eventually. I wonder if the problems with the Ajax edit box are configuration-related on the local machines (like this one), and can be fixed….since it only happens to certain people, I would tend to suspect as much..

    I’m running win 7 64 bit with all the latest plug-ins updated (Java etc)

  2. Long-time lurker here…

    I, too had the same exact problem with trying to find an edit comment plugin that worked with the third gen of WordPress. I went as far as laying out cash for that commercialized plugin only to find that it doesn’t work quite as well as advertised. Like you, I went for the preview plugin instead.

    It would be nice if the fine folks at WordPress incorporates the ability to edit comments right into the core. To me, that function made a lot more sense than building a menu from inside the interface.

    Another feature request that I have floated several times is a “signature line” in the comments for registered users.

    Anyways, love the site, and I will shut up now… šŸ˜‰

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