We apologize for the brief interruption in programming.

I’ve been a little quiet around here and I have two excuses for that.

First, I started the new temp job on Tuesday and I’ve been finding my legs in what can only be described as an “interesting” work situation. In my 22 years of contract work this is the first time I’ve been handed a couple of disks, a handful of slightly confusing instructions, and a list of names and addresses and told to go do my thing solo. The good news is that I seem to be doing it pretty well.

Second, I managed to catch the same summer cold that my wife had been suffering from. It’s taken her about five days to start feeling better and I’m on my second day. It hit me hard enough this morning that I took advantage of a gap in my schedule to take the day off and lay around the house coughing, sneezing, and consuming vast quantities of soup and juice. I was scheduled to do three installs today, but I’d already taken care of two of them in the days previous and the third wasn’t ready to be installed. Normally I’d go in and see if I couldn’t move someone else up the schedule to get them done today, but I don’t think they would have appreciated me oozing mucus all over their shiny new keyboard. Whether I go in tomorrow or not remains to be seen. I only have one scheduled install that I’m aware of, but my boss may tell me to just put it off.

With any luck I’ll be feeling much better by Monday and will be able to devote some more time to both working and blogging, but until then I’ll be blowing my nose and sounding like a 30-year chain smoker.

5 thoughts on “We apologize for the brief interruption in programming.

  1. Don’t worry Les; smoking makes you look cool.

    (Hope you feel better soon!)

  2. Hey get well this is kindergarten where you are allowed to pick up an germs you want –any time you want. Besides two sickies in the house is one too many. Feel better soon!!!!!

  3. Hope you’re on the mend soon, Les. BTW, congrats on the new contract job. Gotta love those jobs where they give you a few tools then throw you in the fire!

  4. “Feeling sick may be a RESULT of whatever it was you usually install, try Linux instead ;-)”
    (old Linux propaganda here in Germany)

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