The fourth SEB Podcast is now available!

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Yes it’s another adventure in ADD discussions as ***Dave and I spend two hours intending to talk about one thing and wandering so far off topic that we needed a GPS to get back on track!I was really excited about this one as I felt like we had plenty to talk about this time out and boy did we. The range covered is wide and wandering as is our wont.

This time out we touch on the topics of Tipping (as in for a service, not cows) , Dr. Laura’s N-word rant and the subsequent squashing of her First Amendment rights, the N-word the C-word and the R-word, Sarah Palin’s defense of Dr. Laura and hypocrisy on the Right in general, the first ever SEB Weather Forecast for Denver and Detroit, Phil Plait’s “Don’t Be A Dick” talk and the on-going discussion in the atheist/skeptic blogosphere on how we should promote skepticism, dickishness in general and how everything we’ve talked about up to that point ties into the whole “don’t be a dick” discussion, how I’m occasionally an asshole, the South Carolina gas pump story, how ***Dave is irrational about his belief in God but that’s OK, and so very much more.

I honestly think that this is the best podcast we’ve done so far as even with as far-ranging as we manage to be we still ended up tying it all together in the end. At times it even sounds like we actually know what we’re doing. I even managed to find a bit of appropriate music for the opening!

Hopefully you’ll enjoy listening to it as much as ***Dave and I enjoy recording it. As always you can either play it using the Flash player in this entry or you can download it by clicking here. Please feel free to leave your thoughts/criticisms in the comments.

Edited to add: I thought I should mention that this episode contains more than the usual amount of swearing given the nature of some of what we’re discussing. So you should probably consider it Not Safe For Work unless you work alone or are self-employed.


9 thoughts on “The fourth SEB Podcast is now available!

  1. Ha! Couldn’t have picked the music better if I’d suggested it myself!

    Much fun. But, yeah, damn, I need to get a better mic setup.

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  3. Listened all the way through. I think we faded a bit at the end, and I was disappointed that you didn’t ring us out with “Smoke on the Water” or something, but … a lot of fun.

  4. Wow, Les does not at all sound like his photo, colour me shocked.

    Ahhh, now we that we have the weather forecast. =P

    Ahhh, tipping. My base is 20% and then it goes down depending on how things go from there. Really, REALLY bad service gets a dime in the center of the table…away from everything else. The worst tip ever was back like when I was in my twenties. Our entire order was screwed up…after having had to wait for an hour to get it, even after asking at about the 40 minute mark as to where our food was. The Waitron said that she thought that we had just been taking up table space and hadn’t actually ordered anything. We reminded her that we had in fact ordered food…from her…and still not received it, and that since she took the order that we would have thought that she would remember bringing us our order or not. Much huffiness and attitude later (again, an hour) we got the someone else’s order…we pointed this out and the Waitron informed us that this was our fault and was upset that we wanted what we had actually ordered. After all of that what was her tip? A dime…under an over turned glass of Coke in the center of the table.

    Yeah….it is a very high maintenance order….just like the scene from When Harry met Sally.

    Starbucks….I refuse to order things in any unit other of large, medium or small.

    As to tipping other folks like movers of such, I think that is purely regional, and most of that seems to be more of an east coast deal.

    Oh man, Les went to Frankenmuth?!? Now I am having a Michael Moore flashback. =P

    I protest! There, your protest comment. =P Actually, to me the thing more shocking than Dr. Laura’s casual use of the n-word, was her defense of Miscegenation.

    So…does this new word law apply to the use of geek or nerd? Because I can make the same argument there.

    Love Kick-Ass! Dave if you are willing to wait a week or two, I’ll bring you both the GA and the movie. It was very shocking, to hear Hit-Girl use that word, but it was very much in keeping with the fact that Mark Miller is Scottish and the C-word is in general use much more in the UK, like the F-word is in the US (just watch any R rated movie from the UK involving gangsters or criminals).

    ~snort~ I use to line out “in god you trust” with a sharpie on the bills. =P

    Catholics in Maryland and anyone in Rhode Island.

    For next topic, since you are discussing christianity and our founders, you two could take up the subject of Glenn Beck and his wacky view of religion and history.

    Really, Palin just didn’t want Trig or Tripp (…Loaf, Jug, Bocce Ball, or whatever freak name she named him) being referred to as a liberal. =P

    Woohoo for Dave tangentially refereeing to a Jon Stewart bit.

    Les, Obama is Faaaaaar right of both you and Dave. 🙂

    Les, one of the reasons that the GOP keeps doing its best to either stop Government from functioning or when they are in power turn it into a pork fest of spending and get lacky’s like Michael Brown to run FEMA so that they can prove to America that Government doesn’t work.

  5. I confess I had to turn it up so I could take a potty break because of the length. But basically it ran very smooth and you tied a lot of the elements back in together as you went along. You both sounded much more into it than when the first podcast was made. As for humor yep you both have it!!!! Keep it up my friends!

  6. I am tardy in saying; Best Podcast Yet! And I’m not just being dickish to other podcasts out there. But I did have to listen to it in pieces.

    Happy blogoversaries, the both of youse!

    Pretty sure we have not heard the last of the dick wars. ScienceBlogs has fallen apart and new science blogging platforms are popping up all over the place. Not surprising that many of the resultant groupings fall along the fault lines of that question.

    Paddling a kid for having a messy desk is seriously dickish behavior. Teacher who did to one of my kids that would have something to focus on real quick.

    I feel so cultured now, that I’ve listened to Bastardpiece Theatre…

  7. General consensus from feedback I’ve gotten is that it was probably too long, but enjoyable despite that. 🙂

    Given that the paddling in question was in 1972, and was more for the public spectacle than any actual physical pain infliction, I’m willing to give it a pass. The best revenge, I suppose, is that the lesson didn’t take …

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