South Carolina gas pumps tells non-believers to GTFO.

One of the great things about Christians is the loving tolerance they have for everyone including those who hold differing and/or opposing viewpoints. Take, for example, the friendly message one True Believer™ gas station owner in South Carolina felt compelled to put on his pump’s display screen. When you fill up you’re told the following:


Ah, there’s nothing quite like using anti-atheist bigotry to drive sales of gasoline! Never mind the fact that the original Pledge didn’t contain the words “under God” or the fact that the original National Motto was “E pluribus unum” (out of many, one) thus making both of them more inclusive than they are today. No, who needs inclusiveness when divisive faux patriotism is so much more profitable?

I’m always amused by the Conservative compulsion to tell people who don’t agree with them to leave the country. Considering how much they like to spout off about freedom and liberty and how Liberals supposedly want to take both away from you it seems odd to me that they’re so quick to tell us that we should pack up and leave if we’re not happy with how things are. You know, as opposed to exercising our freedom and liberty to try and change things. When they don’t like the status quo they’ll scream and holler about how they have a right to challenge it, but if a Liberal wants to challenge the status quo… Well that obviously means we hate America and we should go live in the caves with Al-Qaeda and the other terrorists.

10 thoughts on “South Carolina gas pumps tells non-believers to GTFO.

  1. I wonder how many customers were lost because of that. I would have been one of them.

  2. Well, Acrannymint, they were very specific, if you don’t agree with the statement that ‘merica is One nation under god you should clearly leave their establishment.

    After all, they’d never mean that you should leave America, land of the free-ish, right?!

  3. That’s how I took it. I’d say, “Okay,” hit the Cancel button, and then go.

    Notice the message didn’t come up until after you swiped your card!

  4. I’m rather thankfull that I’m one of them pesky foreigners that DON’T live in the USA – and furthermore – DON’T wish you any harm at all – (‘cept to the christian far-out right!)

  5. Despite my over-long, touchy-feely soft-serve comment in the previous “don’t be a dick” thread which was about the possible benefits of not always being aggressive in sensitive areas, this is exactly the kind of shit that gets both barrels from me, without apology. This is a great example of being a complete and total dick. Assuming complete knowledge, assuming superiority, and then rudely shoving it in people’s faces, but of course, from a safe distance, where one has to go out of their way to respond at all. And worse yet, in a situation where they are taking money from unsuspecting folks who just want some damn gasoline, not their pig-ignorant bigotry and attempted rebuttal to the constitution.

    At the very least, I would make sure the owners knew thay had lost my business…it appears to be an independent station, but if there was a corporate partner, they would get a few earfulls as well. Everyone has freedom of speech, but if you’re going to shit all over me as you’re trying to sell me something, I’m sure as shit going to use my freedom of speech as well.

    Gotta love the clueless cow customers too…”I like it!” The station could adopt a new slogan-“Ignorant Pissant Bigotry…I’m Lovin’ It!

  6. I don’t mind things like that, actually unless they gave you the message printed out on your receipt. The owners have every right to do that, and we have every right to think they’re dweebs for doing it. He’s going to get business from some, and he’s going to lose business from some. If he can stay in business, great.

    However, I wonder how many of those people know when “under God” was added to the pledge. I wonder how many of them know that the founding fathers were ardently against this country being Christian. I wonder how many of them know that some people who are Christians don’t like that message.

    And I wonder how many would change their minds if they DID know.

  7. And I wonder how many would change their minds if they DID know.

    Now, that’s the problem. They don’t want to be confused by the facts when their minds are already made up. 😉


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