If you’re wondering why your package from Amazon.com hasn’t arrived yet…

… here’s why:

Religious people say that without a divine being the universe loses all its mystery and wonder. Yet here’s something wonderfully mysterious that happened for no reason at all. It’s simply an end result of the right circumstances and the laws of physics. If you were to examine that package you’d probably find something fairly heavy inside without enough packing material to hold it into place resulting in it shifting around during the tumble just enough to make sure the box kept tipping over every time it paused during a revolution. It’s the same principle used in those egg-shaped toys that tumble and wobble about when you toss them. Any other time the speed of the conveyor belt or the contents of the package itself would be enough to end that cycle after a couple of revolutions, but in this one case, for no particular reason, the factors were just right to keep that package rolling.

The odds of that happening purely by accident have to be astronomical and yet there it is. Unless, of course, you think God would have some reason to make such a thing happen. I’m sure someone someplace could think up a reason, but I’m hard pressed to do so.

9 thoughts on “If you’re wondering why your package from Amazon.com hasn’t arrived yet…

  1. without enough packing material

    Since Amazon.com doesn’t use packing material in anything they send me, I’d have to that that is probably the case.

  2. what the heck?? some fool just standing there filming it but can’t shut the belt off or do something to get the package? geeeez.

  3. It probably happens often enough to inspire someone at Amazon to put a 1-litre bottle of water in a box to produce just exactly this effect for the video. Intelligent Design!

    MrsDoF has a freaky can opener that un-crimps the can lid instead of cutting it. This results in cans with lids that can be crimped back on. I took a cat food can, washed it and put an old steel mouse ball in it, then crimped the lid back on. It’s a popular toy around the office.

  4. Hey, the people who work there probably get so bored that something like this would make their whole day.

  5. I’ve worked around a few small industrial machines, and stuff like this just entertains the heck out of me. When I saw this, the first few thoughts I had were:
    1. Slinky on an ecalator!
    2. That has to be on youtube already…
    3. (as I’m searching) …hmmm…the stairs on an escalator are too wide, and the escalator probably doesn’t move fast enough…
    4. (sees videos)….yup…damn.
    5. Design new escalator just for slinkys!

  6. I think this is why God hasn’t arrived yet: He got packed into a box too big for Him, and He’s stuck on a conveyor belt somewhere.

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