Damn, is it August already?

Not only is it already August but I’m 4 days into it without having posted anything. So here’s a traditional random crap post to fill the gap until I’m inspired to write something substantial.

The good news is that starting next week I will be employed. The bad news is that it’ll be for a total of 2 months — if I’m lucky — and the pay is probably a low-point in my 22 year career. I’ve been hired by a company in Florida to do PC refreshes (moving users from older hardware to newer) for a chain of banks which I had never heard of before, but which is suddenly advertising on local television. I don’t know how long the chain has been in Michigan, but now I’m hyper-aware of it.

It’s always weird how you can be oblivious to something for years and then once you’ve heard of it you see it everywhere from that point on. The town of Metamora here in Michigan is another example. I first heard of it when I dated a girl who was originally from that town in High School. I thought it was someplace on the other side of the state, but it was actually not that far from where I was living at the time. I’d been through it a number of times without it ever registering in my head and seen signs for it without ever thinking about it. After being told about it I realized just how often I’d been exposed to it previously without ever realizing it. Another example is a moving company called Tantara which I first learned about during the Y2K job I did for General Motors/GMAC back in late ’98/early ’99. Saw their trucks everywhere once I was aware of them.

As for the new job it turns out I could have turned it down because the pay is less than 70% of what I was making at my previous job, but I decided to take it anyway for two reasons. First, it’ll still pay more than what I’m getting on unemployment and it’ll allow me to use the unclaimed weeks later. Second, it shows that I’m willing to work even if it’s not my ideal job.

Of course I’d rather just win the lotto and not work at all, but barring that happening anytime soon I’ll just keep my head in the job listings and hope someone will give me a chance to prove my abilities.

7 thoughts on “Damn, is it August already?

  1. Gee, Wes, why don’t you just sit back and live the high life on unemployment, leeching off all those Republicans who are the only ones who pay taxes? Think of how it would push our economy toward sweet, sweet Socializm!!1!

    (Congratulations on landing on a bridge instead of in the water. And I’m with you on the lottery thing, though someone told me if I won the lottery I’d probably work myself to death.)

  2. While I am glad you found a job, even if it is a temp one…keep in mind that sometimes when you go off of unemployment like that, when you pick it back up they will base your new benefits on what you were making at the new place, so you may be making less afterwards.

    I read an article a while back talking about how a lot of people aren’t taking temp jobs for that reason…when they finish that job and go back on unemployment, they base the new check amount on the temp job pay and not the pay before.

    I am not sure if you knew or thought of that. I just wanted to put it out there so you were aware.

    Who knows…maybe something will show up right before you end the temp job and you can just continue to work.

  3. I actually called Michigan’s unemployment agency and asked that very question. According to the fellow on the phone that shouldn’t be an immediate problem. It seems the current claim is good for up to a year even though it’s only 26 weeks long. If I use up my weeks and get an extension then it may be a problem, but for the immediate future I should be OK.

    With any luck I’ll have a full-time non-temp job by then.

  4. Well at least you won’t have idle hands doing the devil’s work or whatever in the heck that saying is. Just maybe this job could lead to something else!!!

  5. I wrote something else, but apparently did the captcha wrong and now I forgot what I said. ROFL

    At least you thought of it and checked it out first. Maybe you have to work longer than 2 months…kinda like SS where you can only work so many hours before you get bumped. Then again maybe you can stay employed and it won’t matter. 🙂

  6. Who ARE you? I Stumbled Upon your blog and though I was reading a blog I wrote in my sleep! My sleep in Michigan, obviously. I’m gonna come back and read about someone else’s trials and tribulations with unemployment, instead of dealing with my own! Thanks.

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