Almost time for the fourth SEB Podcast!

A pic of a microphone.

Blah blah blah...

If the third time is the charm then the fourth must be absolutely dashing, right? Perhaps not, but that isn’t stopping ***Dave and I from continuing to blather endlessly on topics we have no business commenting on.

Of course that means its now time for a little audience participation! YAY!

Got a topic you want us to touch on however pathetically we are able to do so? Been itching to ask one or both of us a deeply personal/philosophical/intellectual question? Just want to see how easy it is to make us sound like we don’t have a clue what the hell we’re doing?

Then leave a comment on this thread or drop me an email and make use of your First Amendment right before it’s taken away from you by special interests upset that you’re fond of spewing the N-word eleventy-billion times on national radio.

Wait, that was “Dr.” Laura Schlessinger. What the hell, she can ask us questions too if she wants. Perhaps she’d like us to explain how the First Amendment really works. Though I am sure you folks have MUCH more interesting and/or entertaining topics you’d like to pose so don’t be shy!

6 thoughts on “Almost time for the fourth SEB Podcast!

  1. Here are some random ones off the top of my head: I would like to hear you talk about the “Ground Zero Mosque” or the elections in November (and the possible link between the two.) Perhaps you can talk about the supposed end of the Iraq War. I would also be interested in your thoughts on Christopher Hitchens, particularly in light of his recent illness. If you want to have one that isn’t as serious; do either of you like baseball and, if so, who are your favorite teams and current or old time players? If not baseball then football would be fine.

    If you want one relating to religion; recently I read a bit about the origins of Judaism and of the God Yahweh and/or El and their (likely) roots in Canaanite and Babylonian Paganism; do either you or ***Dave know much/anything about that? Or perhaps you might speculate about the similarity between Jesus and Pagan deities?

    And, since you mention it, perhaps some comments about Dr. Laura and Palin and all of the ironies in that story would be good. Jon Stewart had some good segments on that.

    No, I won’t be offended if you ignore some/most of these if there are too many. Thanks, Les.

  2. Certainly a lot to talk about there, though I suspect Les and I are about 95% in congruent opinion about those topics. (I’m not sure how Les feels about baseball.)

  3. Well I wasn’t trying to create discord between you and Les. Besides, you seem to generally agree with each other in your discussions. Your agreements did not in any way hurt the other podcasts.

    I of course only mentioned sports because I suspected that you did not want all of the questions to be as serious; you have discussed movies and board games in the past, for example, which was fun to listen to. But, as I said, I was just giving some random topics; feel free to ignore some/all of them.

    Thanks guys.

  4. No worries, Positive. I think it would take quite a bit more to create discord between Dave and I. I’m not much for sports myself. Used to love to play them as a child, but never cared much for watching others play them. I’ve been to one professional baseball game in my life and I only went because we got free tickets. It was the Detroit Tigers playing… someone. And the score was something to something and one of them won. About the only thing I recall being fun about the experience was doing The Wave.

  5. No, I agree — I appreciate the array of topics, and if Les and i are going to agree on stuff, it’s good to have some specific stuff to, um, agree on in order to fill the time. 🙂

    I’m not necessarily trolling for areas for us to disagree upon, just interesting stuff (agreed upon or not) to talk about.

  6. Honestly, dude, not much to contribute – I’m either tied with inter-personal problems (“Why blaming the ‘New Guy’ is a bad idea for a business”) or market issues (“Stagnation and inflation – the challenge of recognizing and responding to market shifts”).

    I get the feeling those make bad discussion topics 😛

    Still, it’ll be great to hear you two at it, again!

    edit: Actually, as I think about it, I’ve had this weird idea, for a while, now, that I’ve never been able to fully develop:

    Games, left to their own devices, tend to be shaped by their most active players. They are developed around the skills that place higher degrees of contrasts between those players.

    Chess, for instance, is a game where a victory is decided several moves in advance. According to designer Richard Garfield, chess used to have an element of luck in it, but this was (apparently) stripped away.

    In simpler terms, this is like the ID argument: I suspect this is a case of the puddle shaping the pothole, and not the other way around.

    You’d think this would be one of those bizarro-obvious things.. every sport, every occupation gets more refined and there’s increased specialization.

    You also see that in just about every group behavior out there – right up to, and including, when businesses shoot themselves in the foot and take the world down with them when they go :P.

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