This one is for my mother…

I don’t watch the Ellen DeGeneres show as a habit, but I came across this clip over at Crooks and Liars and it was too damned funny not to share especially as my mother would appreciate it. In it Ellen talks with Gladys from Austin, Texas who had called the show with a suggestion on how to improve it:

It’s a shame she doesn’t travel as I think she’d have a grand time on the show.

8 thoughts on “This one is for my mother…

  1. This was a hit a while ago, and since that time, I read that Gladys is no longer with us anymore.

    Just saying.

  2. Diane and I both cracked up watching this.

    (Hope you’re feeling better Momma!)

  3. Ellen and I both love Gladys. Humor is the best medicine – I should be healthy for a couple of weeks on this one. šŸ™‚

    According to the family blog,, Gladys is 88 and holdin’ Here’s hoping she brightens many other lives.


  4. Too Much!! She certainly thinned my blood with laughter. Aren’t old people hilarious with so much to say in complete honesty. I could use a dose of people like her every day. Thank you son and DOF I’m doing real good thanks for asking!!!!!

  5. Even if Gladys was a prank, it was very well played and is utterly hilarious. In some ways, it’s funnier as a prank because the Gladys character is so lovable.

  6. Happy to see you’re back in good health and good spirits, Momma. I don’t care if it was a prank, it was damn funny, and so like many old ladies I know. And Ellen’s reactions were priceless.


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