Gearing up for the third SEB Podcast.

Hey folks! Just a quick note to say that ***Dave and I are getting ready to do the third SEB Podcast this coming Monday. This time out we’ll be joined by a Very Special Guest: My mother.

So, as before, we’re looking for topic ideas that you’d like to hear us talk about. Additionally, if there’s anything you’ve ever wanted to ask my mom then now’s the time. Hell, for that matter, if you have anything specific you ever wanted to ask ***Dave or myself then now’s a good time for that as well.

You’ve got a couple of days to leave a reply with your topics and questions so put on your thinking caps and come up with some good ones.

7 thoughts on “Gearing up for the third SEB Podcast.

  1. Questions on my mind for Momma: 1) How’re you doin’? and 2) Can you explain how Les turned out like he did?

  2. Will it be as Awesome as the Dr Who Season Finale, which was very awesome indeed. (No point to this post, just it won’t be that side of the pond for a few weeks, and I want to show off)

  3. I’ve already seen the finale and it was very awesome indeed. As for the podcast? No, it won’t be that awesome, but I can promise you that we will continue our run of unparalleled mediocrity just as we’ve done for the previous two podcasts.

  4. Questions on my mind for Momma: 1) How’re you doin’? and 2) Can you anyone explain how Les turned out like he did?



  5. Really? Is this all the topics and/or questions we’re going to get? I thought for sure that with my mother being present we’d be flooded with questions and topics, but I suppose we’ll just have to make shit up along the way.

  6. “How Les turned out that way” is not really such a small topic, or at all trivial. Most kids grow up to keep their heads down, not create anything, and accept the given understanding of how the world works. In short, they hardly even exist other than as quantum “consumer units” on some statistical chart. Les, you’ve run a blog for years that’s kind of an ideological supercollider, searching for the T particle or something. That makes you uncommon even among bloggers. Could Momma share with us a moment, or something she did differently…

    For that matter, Momma’s not exactly the archetype of averagosity either. Momma, tell us a story from your childhood! And some from Les!

    Then there’s ***Dave, another person whose mind seems to be making connections all the time. Could you share any turning points? How did you avoid the gravitational pull of a culture that tries to grind off differences?

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