Dara O’Briain on Homeopathy versus Real Science.

I came across this clip on YouTube again recently and I thought I had shared it here on the blog previously, but checking the archives seems to indicate that I have not. It’s a short clip from a comedy special by Irish comedian Dara O’Briain and it pretty much says would I would say if I were funny and successful like Dara is:

I need me one of those sacks.

4 thoughts on “Dara O’Briain on Homeopathy versus Real Science.

  1. This is one of my favorite comic clips. O’Briain is brilliant. It’s amazing how much really intelligent content he got into this entertaining show.

  2. Every time some one posts this clip I crack up at “get in the fecking sack”

  3. Actually, I am pretty sure you DID post this one. I know it, and think I have seen it here!

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