Asshole in Florida busted for scamming dementia sufferers.

It’s bad enough that there are people in this world whose primary goal is to see how they can screw over everyone else, but it’s especially galling when they prey upon those who are most vulnerable. Assholes like Terry Scott Hyder who’s been targeting the elderly suffering from dementia in Florida and North Carolina to steal their money:

The FBI and local authorities say Terry Scott Hyder may have cheated victims out of more than $500,000. He was arrested at an Orlando night club Tuesday and charged with organized fraud and grand theft.

A spokeswoman for the Marion County Sheriff’s Office said Hyder often brought snacks to the group to make friends with elderly women who had a sick spouse. Hyder allegedly tried to convince them they could protect their savings by buying his bogus tax certificates.

via Man targeted dementia support groups in Fla., NC – Florida AP –

I have to admit that it makes me wish there were still judicial sentences that included hard labor as a punishment as I can’t think of anyone more deserving of hours spent doing something pointless like smashing rocks with a sledgehammer than Mr. Hyder.

I’m probably being a bit unfair as he’s not actually be convicted of a crime yet, but this sort of asshattery makes my blood boil almost instantly and I’m only human.

3 thoughts on “Asshole in Florida busted for scamming dementia sufferers.

  1. I see that he did not qualify for Bail. And speaking of spouses, he will probably have one in his new home. Even Prisoners treat people like this with contempt.

  2. He convinced his victims that he would protect their savings, eh? Doesn’t sound any different than what the televangelists do…

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