We’re running on WordPress 3.0 now.

Just a quick note to let you guys know we’re running on the latest release of WordPress. I haven’t had a chance to look over what’s new in this version, though I understand it now supports multiple blogs from just one installation of the script is one of the biggies. I already have all the blogs I’m hosting for friends and family set up as individual installs, though, so I doubt I’ll bother trying to merge them into one Huge Mega Install.

Anyway, it’s a new version and so there may be some issues with plugins or bugs here and there so let me know if you see anything funky.

15 thoughts on “We’re running on WordPress 3.0 now.

  1. I would prefer a slightly less glaring background than white, but overall it appears just fine. Would it be possible to change the box at the bottom to default setting of followup comments unless unclicked?

  2. I’m tempted myself, but my hosting service doesn’t have automatic upgrade set up in Fantastico yet. Not that I expect them to so soon. I’ll probably wait for that. I’m not sure I want to tacked a manual upgrade.

  3. Since the new layout, I have been unable to load the site at work (during lunch break, of course) or display correctly on my phone (HTC Hero–worked fine before the change, now all articles appear in a 1 character wide column, regardless of SMS or normal web viewing settings). Not sure what is different between my work computer and my laptop, but at least I can see the site at home. Just FYI

  4. jnail7, what browser are you using at work? I’ve tested this in three browsers, IE8, Chrome, and Firefox, and it renders fine in all of them. I don’t know if it’ll render properly in IE6 or not. Will have to check with the theme creator.

    I changed to this theme because it offers much more control over the styling and layout than the previous one. For example, the main column is fluid again instead of being a fixed size. I’m not sure how it handles mobile browsing, though, so I’ll check into that.

    Frac, WordPress itself is able to do an automatic update. Why would you need to wait until Fantastico has it? I used the auto-update to upgrade to 3.0 here on SEB.

    Leguru, I’ll be playing with the colors a bit as time goes on. I’ve got a test install set up with the same theme so I can play with colors until I get something worked out. Bear with me until then.

  5. Tried on my cellphone. Opera browser does what jnail described, but Google browser works much better. Only YouTube insert is overlappped by 2nd & 3rd columns.


  6. k, work computer is now accessing the page (fully loading now). Cellphone still displays the articles in a single character width column. I am using the default browser on the phone (assuming google, given it is an android phone). (btw, I did not change anything on my work computer-it has been on IE8 for a while).

  7. further experimentation with phone: If I zoom out on the page, the article column readjusts so that the screen is always full. At maximum zoom, the page looks like it should, but is too small to be read. This is the only site that I have encountered this, though next I will try tracking down another blog that is using the new WordPress to see if it is a wordpress compatibility issue. (note: viewing this site with my phone is not really a priority with me, but this has pushed my trouble-shooting button, so please bear with me as I experiment)

  8. jnail, feel free to experiment all you wish. Though I would think the problem is with this particular theme over the new version of WordPress as not that much changed with how WP renders themes with this release. The theme I’m using, though, is very different than the previous one.

  9. Just changed my desktop settings to 1152 x 864 pixels and the overlap issues cleared up. Don’t know if I can do that on my cellphone, yet. Will advise.


  10. On the HTC Incredible if you set your Default Zoom (in Google Browser) to far, the overlap issues also clear up. A little harder to read, but not impossible.


  11. Sounds like, technically and add-in-wise, it went pretty smoothly. I need to add this to my list of things to do (though I usually wait for X.0.1 …).

  12. Yeah ***Dave, it’s been pretty smooth sailing. The problems being discussed here are all related to this particular template and not WP 3.0 at all.

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