“TRON: Evolution” game trailer his the net.

I’m looking forward to the new TRON: Legacy movie. If this trailer is anything to go by then the upcoming video game tie-in looks like it’ll be pretty good too:

What’s really impressive about this to me is how much it looks like the movie.

Compare and contrast that to the original light cycles from TRON:

Pic of light cycles from the movie TRON


Versus the video game tie-in light cycle sequence:

Pic of TRON light cycle video game.


And that was a mere 28 years ago. OK, perhaps the word “mere” is out of place in that sentence, but I’m still amazed that video games can look so much like the movies they are promoting these days.

Granted, video games based on movies have traditionally sucked like a Hoover stuck on over-drive pretty much throughout the history of video games, but at least they more closely resemble the movies they are based on these days.

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