Pat Robertson’s advice to a woman about her flirtatious husband: STFU and try to be pretty.

If nothing else Pat Robertson is definitely consistent. He’s always been pretty vocal about his disdain for feminism and his opinion that women should be subservient to men, but somehow that doesn’t stop me from being a bit amazed by the advice he gives in the following video clip:

CO-HOST: Pat, this is from Anne who says, “My husband has always been a flirt and loves to talk with other women he finds attractive. He says he would never cheat on me but his actions are starting to get to me. What should I do?”

ROBERTSON: Anne, first thing is you need to make yourself as attractive as possible and don’t hassle him about it. And why is he doing this? Well, he’s doing it because he wants affirmation that he is still a man, that he is attractive — and he gets an affirmation of himself. That means he’s got an inferiority complex that’s coming out. And he’s not gonna cheat on you. He’s just playing.

But you need to not drive him away or start hassling and hounding on him, but make yourself as beautiful as you can, as fun as you can, and say let’s go out here, let’s go there, let’s go to the other thing.

Given some of the things Robertson has said in the past this is pretty mild, but I’m still amazed by it. Inferiority complex or not, Robertson seems to be assigning all of the blame for this issue to the woman suggesting that she’s not trying hard enough to be attractive for her man. I shouldn’t be surprised as Pat’s been stuck in the 1950’s nuclear family myth for decades now. I suppose what I should be really surprised by is the fact that any woman in the 21st century would write this old crackpot for relationship advice at all.

Though I do have to give credit to his female co-host who appears to be biting her tongue pretty hard over Robertson’s advice and suggesting that “we would be having a conversation” if it were her husband who was playing the flirt.

8 thoughts on “Pat Robertson’s advice to a woman about her flirtatious husband: STFU and try to be pretty.

  1. If it weren’t in colour I’d be convinced it was a recording from the ’50s.

    Thankfully from the 1950s, not the 1650s when people like this held proper sway and the poor woman would likely have been stoned to death for being so darned uppity.

  2. I find nothing at all offensive about what he said, it was good advice.

    I work with a guy thats a constant flirt to the female drivers that walk through the shop. He never has any intention of getting a date or anything else with them, he just likes getting positive attention from the opposite sex.

    Also, can you please kill that EXTREMELY annoying “widget” thing on the side?
    Aslo #2, why is this categorized under religion?

  3. What a foolish man to go around making assumptions about relationships, where he has not met either party personally.

    He was actually serious about running for President at one time…( Scary Shit ! ).

  4. where he has not met either party personally.

    So, what? Every advice giver should stop entirely because they have never met any of the people they are giving he advice to?

  5. Stupid and ungodly advice! The husband should guard his heart and his eyes or else it leads to adultery (Matthew 5:28). The godly man should be the leader and set positive examples of purity with humility and have eyes for his wife only. The women this clown is flirting with may read much into it, too. God said in 1 Th 5:22 Abstain from all appearance of evil. Pat should read what God said. There are just too many passages in God’s Word that deal with this subject to put here. Read the Bible folks!

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