Google’s inclusion of Twitter in searches is stunningly fast.

Google has added a number of new features over the past few months that I’m just starting to play with. Two of them are integration of real-time tweets from Twitter into search results and the ability to sort search results by how recent they are. Sure, I had heard that Google was going to be doing these things, but it didn’t really strike home just how amazing that is until just a little while ago when I tweeted about Disney’s upcoming Wii-exclusive game Epic Mickey which looks like it’ll be an incredible game.

I’d love to play it, but it’s the only game on the Wii that I’m actually interested in and I’m not buying a Wii for just one game and I said as much in a tweet. I then followed up with a tweet mentioning how Warren Specter, the head designer on the game, has said that it originally started out being intended for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC and that any port to those platforms would be up to Disney to decide.

Then I decided to do a Google search for “Epic Mickey PS3” to see if perhaps there was any word about a possible port now that the PlayStaion Move is due out in the Fall which will bring Wii-like motion control to the PS3. To be sure I got recent news I hit the Latest button on the Google search and this is the page that popped up:

Pic of Google Search results.

Click to embiggen!

Go ahead and click the pic to make it bigger. See those two circled bits? Those are the two tweets I made about the game just prior to doing the search. When Google said real-time inclusion they weren’t kidding around!

The speed of Google’s searches are already mind boggling when you think about the amount of computing power they must be using, I can only imagine how much more power they’re burning up to include tweets from Twitter mere minutes after they’ve happened. Maybe I’m just easily impressed, but this made me pause for a moment and say “Wow!”

As for Epic Mickey on the PS3, Disney hasn’t ruled it out and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it happen. At least I hope it does as the game looks incredible.

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