Tim Minchin’s “Pope Song.”

I loves me some Tim Minchin and this song is no exception. It uses a lot of variations of the word “fuck” so it’s very much NSFW. Or for Catholics for that matter:

I bet he gets some letters over this one. So much the better.

8 thoughts on “Tim Minchin’s “Pope Song.”

  1. Whilst the song may be disrespectful, I agree with the standpoint that he takes:

    If you hide a child rapist, then you’re as bad as the child rapist. And no child rapist deserves respect.

    In fairness, it’s not the pope who’s evil. The pope is merely a figurehead for a religious ‘aristocracy’, and it’s the entire aristocracy that is evil. The Catholic faith is not inherently evil, but unless they completely did away with the Vatican and started again from scratch, with morally upright individuals, instead of child molestors, and people who hide child molestors, then really, the religion is always going to be dominated by the will of these sick individuals.

    Of course, the papacy justifies hiding child molestors as ‘everyone deserves a second chance’, but some of these child molestors have been relocated dozens of times, and yet still remain in the papacy. Forgiving someone doesn’t mean letting them off the hook. You can kick them out of the old boys club and still forgive them. Let the fuckers fend for themselves when they get caught, and then the authorities will soon get their hands on them.

    The main problem is that child molestors within the papacy will continue to rape children so long as their position makes it easy. If you were to kick them out of the papacy (not necessarily alerting the authorities, if you really want to give them a second chance. I can’t say I would condone this, but the papacy seem to feel the need to lessen the punishment of kiddie fuckers anyway,) then they would have to fend for themselves, and if they reoffended and were caught, they would no longer be able to call upon their office to be relocated. Thus, they get caught.

    Whilst the preferrable situation would be “they get caught the first time, and are handed over to the authorities for processing without hesitation,” I don’t think we’re likely to see that coming from the current papal administration, since so many of the higher-up members of the papacy are in fact child molestors. A recent report by the British Government revealed that child molestation was “endemic” in papacy of the UK. That was revealed after the fritzl-basement-esque dungeon under the catholic children’s care home was discovered. I can’t quite remember details.

    So, in summary….
    In an ideal world, every priest, bishop, archbishop, pope, cardinal etc. would be thrown out of office and replaced by democratically elected individuals who would then become replacements. (Not that such elections need to become a regular occurence – It’s just that the current people in the administration will only approve of the appointment of new members to the administration which do things in the exact same way as them, or failing that, someone who takes the bad elements, which seem to be the elements they are most keen to protect, further. Anyone who tries to ‘change the system’ usually ends up dead. The papacy are famed for killing those who would make things better for them, and the world at large.)

    A compromise/trade-off would be the handing over of all the paedophiles. Hiding paedophiles is an offense which can get you up to fifteen years in jail in the UK anyway… So the papacy is already getting MORE than leniency from it’s local government (I believe the vatican is subservient to Italy’s government).

  2. Of course, the papacy justifies hiding child molestors as ‘everyone deserves a second chance

    Or maybe it’s more a case of not judging lest they be judged. If the Pope were ever to be judged for his actions he would spend a considerable amount of time in jail.

  3. Julian, I would disagree with the argument that all faith is inherently evil. I have, however misguided, a surprisingly strong faith in humanity despite my cynicism about it. I have faith in my wife, which would be hard for me to consider an evil thing to have.

    I suppose you could argue that I don’t have “true” faith as my faith tends to be grounded in at least some rational reasoning, but it’s faith none the less.

  4. When I speak of faith in a religious discussion, I mean blind faith. Faith based on experience or reasoning is what I like to call ‘confidence’.

    When I said faith was inherently bad I meant blind faith which is almost always what religios mean when they use the term.

    Of course in this case ‘faith’ was used as another word for ‘religion’ so I guess I should have been more specific. However I also believe that religion is inherently evil so I stand by my statement.

  5. The Roman Catholic church is beyond evil. The Devil rules in this Organisation. Look to the Magdalene Sisters, Roberto Calvi, the IRA, Medieval Indulgences, child molesters but to name a few – just pure and utter evil (THE DEVIL). I just cannot understand how, after all this degredation of human beings, that this church still has a fanatic following. Do the ‘faithful’ really condone the evil of this church? They are not followers of Jesus that’s for certain.

  6. The devil is always a great scapegoat for the failings and bad behavior of real people. The Catholic Church has a long history, it is many things and it has many different factions and leaders and followers; some good, some bad. The most visible figure is the pope, who is in essence the monarch of it, and in my view he should be in prison for his actions. I would like to see him share a jail cell with Bush and Cheney and Bin Laden. It won’t happen, but one can dream.

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